Be a Champ at Learning Chinese at MindChamps

Be a Champ at Learning Chinese at MindChamps
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Give your child a headstart in the Chinese language by opting for an immersive school programme in the early years. Established in 2015, MindChamps Chinese PreSchool offers a holistic curriculum with a nurturing and vibrant Chinese-speaking and learning environment, to help children between the age of 18 months to six years old cultivate a genuine love for the language and to speak it fluently.

Learning Chinese does not have to be boring and stuffy. It can – and should – be fun, enriching, and a cultural experience rather than something you have to trudge through to get good grades.

With MindChamps Chinese PreSchool’s two new centres at Cecil Street and Thomson, in addition to its first location in Tampines, the school is now more accessible islandwide.

Children take part in cultural activity at MindChamps Chinese PreschoolStart Early – The Best Years

“Research has shown that children between the ages two and seven are able to absorb a third language best,” said  Josephine Chiang, principal of MindChamps Chinese PreSchool at Cecil Street. “At this age, we encourage children to love the language.”

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At MindChamps Chinese PreSchool, children are given the chance to experience Chinese culture and heritage through integrated learning, with hands-on activities like Chinese folk songs, clay sculpting and Chinese calligraphy.

“It is easier to encourage the children to love the language through reading and doing various activities as compared to children who have to pick up the language later during the primary school years. By then, they are doing it for the grades rather than interest,” said Ms Chiang.

MindChamps Chinese PreschoolAn Immersive Chinese-speaking Environment

Children at this preschool will be able to have plenty of opportunities to practise conversing in Chinese, as well as strengthen their natural learning abilities and creative minds. 

Chinese will be used as the main language of instruction for all lessons in Playgroup and Nursery 1, except for two enrichment programmes: MindChamps Reading and Writing and Creativity & Theatrical Strategies.

With two Chinese teachers guiding the class, younger children will be able to understand the language better and faster since they are given maximum exposure in their early years.

As the children progress from Nursery 2 to Kindergarten 2, each class will be taught by one English and one Chinese teacher – similar to the classes in bilingual MindChamps PreSchool centres. This will provide preschoolers with a balanced exposure of both languages ahead of primary school.

One of the main differences between MindChamps Chinese PreSchool and the bilingual MindChamps PreSchool centres is that selected enrichment programmes are conducted in Chinese, instead of English.

Exciting Programmes at MindChamps Chinese PreSchool

The MindChamps NeuroMooves™ programme at MindChamps Chinese PreSchool is scientifically designed and uses a variety of engaging and exciting developmentally appropriate activities, such as coordinated cross-lateral movements to help children develop gross motor skills, musical intelligence, coordination and balance.

These developments help provide better blood flow to the growing brain while laying neural foundations for a wide range of thinking skills.

Chinese Culture Appreciation is a core programme at MindChamps Chinese PreSchool.Children will also enjoy Chinese Culture Appreciation, a core programme that is conducted at MindChamps Chinese PreSchool. Playgroup to Kindergarten 2 preschoolers will gain an insight into China’s rich history and culture during lessons, and enjoy hands-on activities such as the clay modelling, Chinese painting and calligraphy.

Highlights of New MindChamps Chinese PreSchool Centres

MindChamps Chinese Preschool at Cecil Street, The OctagonSome of the features at the new Cecil Street centre, located at The Octagon, include six spacious classrooms, an indoor playroom, and a dedicated room for enrichment lessons and mealtimes.

There is also a well-equipped gym room for the NeuroMooves programme, as well as in-house nutritious meals for the little champs.

MindChamps Chinese Preschool at Thomson, Podium at SLF BuildingAt the other new Thomson centre, located at SLF Podium, there is about 10,000 sq ft of learning space, a dedicated room for music appreciation, and a specially designed gourmet space.

This centre also has a well-equipped gym room for the NeuroMooves programme.


Enrol your child in MindChamps Chinese PreSchool and enjoy up to $1,800 savings + $150 worth of Starter Kit!

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