30 Batman Jokes That Even The Joker Would Approve Of

Batman Jokes That Even The Joker Would Approve Of
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Batman may be the ultimate vigilante but he also has a surprisingly funny side. He is often cracking jokes in the midst of battle, and his foes are often left wondering what he will do next. This unpredictability makes him all the more dangerous, and it is one of the things that make him such a great superhero. In fact, here are some funny Batman jokes that will have you laughing for justice.

Batman Jokes

1. Why is it annoying to invite Batman to a party?
Because he keeps hanging around even when it is time to go.

2. What do Batman and dentures have in common?
They both come out at night.

3. What did Robin say when he was about to sneeze?
Holy Keenex, Batman!

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4. What happens when Batman forgets to pay the electricity bills?
A dark night.

5. What happened to Batman and Robin after they are runover by a tank?
They became known as Flatman and Ribbon.

6. What does Batman order at the Chinese restaurant?
Kung POW chicken.

7. How does Batman like his coffee?
Black as night.

8. Why does Batman always win at poker?
Because he always gets the Joker.

9. Why doesn’t Batman like Mr Freeze?
Because he always gives him the cold shoulder.

10. Why does Robin wear bright colors?
Because Batman doesn’t want to get shot.

11. What does Batman always insist on going second in chess?
Because he wants to play the Dark Knight.

12. Why did Batman climb the tree?
He was looking for Robin.

13. What does Batman go when he’s urgent?
The Bat-room.

14. Where was Batman born?
South Africa – in Capetown.

15. Did you hear about Netflix having Batman Forever?
Turns out it is only till next month.

16. What do Batman’s friends say to him when he returns from vacation?
Welcome, Bat.

More Batman Jokes and Puns

More Batman Jokes and Puns

Whether he is fighting crime or cracking jokes, Batman is always entertaining, and that is why he is one of the most beloved superheroes of all time.

17. Why is Two Face a likeable villian?
Because he is only half-bad.

18. Why does Batman like Hawaiian pizza?
Because it Got-ham.

19. Where does Batman keep his fish?
In the Bat-tub.

20. How can you tell that Batman is not kidding around?
Because he is not the Joker.

21. Why is Batman extra cautious when out on nature walks?
He is worried about Poison Ivy.

22. What does Batman put in his drinks?

23. Where does Bruce Wayne get his energy?

24. Why did Mr Freeze do when Batman caught him?
He had a meltdown.

25. Why can’t Bruce Wayne get a date?
Because of his bat breath.

Batman Jokes to Laugh Away Your Dark, Brooding Self

Batman Jokes to Laugh Away Your Dark, Brooding Self

Batman is one of the most revered and well-known superheroes of all time. He has been a part of pop culture for decades, and his popularity shows no signs of waning. Part of what makes Batman so appealing is his dark, brooding persona.

If Superman gets his groceries from the supermarket, where does Batman get his?
The supermarket too; there’s no such thing as a batmarket.

26. What is Batman’s favorite part of a joke?
The punch line.

27. What is Batman’s favorite beverage?

28. What is Batman’s favorite sport?

29. What do you call Batman when he falls off this motorbike?
Bruised Wayne.

30. Why did Batman ask Mr Freeze who his hair stylist was?
Because he thought he looked cool.

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