Amped Trampoline Park: Amplified into Hi-Octane Fun

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Amped Trampoline Park gets our vote for the most innovative use of an old school hall in Singapore.

Located along Tanjong Katong Road at the old Tanjong Katong Technical School premises, Amped Trampoline Park can be found on the second floor of the old school gym building, above the Peranakan Beer Garden.

However, this is not your usual gym class. Ascending a flight of stairs from the ground floor leads to a 460 square metre hall filled wall-to-wall with springy trampolines. Individual trampolines are inter-connected with blue padding that protect “bouncers” from the underlying springs and frames.

Upon arrival at the sign-in desk, you can pay for entry into the Trampoline Park and, if necessary, pick up a pair of non-slip socks for $3 plus. Normal socks can also be used but they are a tad bit slippery on the smooth plastic of the trampolines.

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Who Can Play At Amped Trampoline Park

All ages are welcomed at the Amped Trampoline Park. Children aged three and below require a parent to accompany them into the Park (in other words on the trampolines). Children between and 4 and 11 need a parent to be on the premise with them (i.e. parents can stay at the spectator area).


Amped Trampoline Park is not an indoor playground in the typical sense. It does not have play structures, slides and ball ponds. It is premised on sport and physical fitness instead.

That’s not to say it is not fun! On the contrary, Amped brings out the “kid” in both kids and adults alike. Faster than you can say “Tigger”, everyone will soon be hopping around like a pogo stick through the park.

The sides of the halls are lined with angled trampolines. These allow adventurous types to show off their best “parkour” moves and practise Matrix-style wall-running impressions.

The Trampoline Park also has a huge foam pit that jumpers can hurl themselves into.



The Amped Trampoline Park appeals not just to young kids, but older teenagers and adults too. This means that parents with young children should keep a lookout to avoid incoming “collisions” from older kids. What the Amped Trampoline Park has done to address this is that they have segregated timings for different ages. This sets aside certain hours for different age groups. These limited opening hours are available on their website and it is best to check before heading down.

Birthday Parties at Amped Trampoline Park

It is possible to book the Amped Trampoline Park for birthday parties. They will close the entire Park to general admissions and provide the birthday party organiser exclusive use of the entire facility for a set time. The Park can easily accommodate as many as 40 children and 100 adults at a time. Spectators who only wish to soak in the energetic action out on the trampolines can lounge around the Park’s waiting area (previously the school stage).

As the Amped Trampoline Park does not have a kitchen or any catering facilities, party organisers will need to bring their own food, drinks and birthday amenities. Don’t expect Amped staff to organise and run party games as their role is to supervise the action and ensure participants’ safety. In any case, no one will miss any party games; they will be too busy gleefully bouncing away among the trampolines.

Amped Trampoline Park, as a concept, is new to Singapore. It is a refreshing new addition into the activity venues and things for children and parents to do together in Singapore.


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