All Walks Of Love Exhibit At Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

All walks of love exhibit
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“What is love?” The All Walks Of Love Exhibit at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre’s exhibit is themed around this question. Enter this Instagrammable space that revisits scenes that might be familiar to feelings of love. From the cradle to childhood, to navigating relationships in adulthood and beyond, discover how love plays a part in the Chinese Singaporean culture.

There are a total of seven sections in this exhibit. Each section is themed according to a definition of love along with relevant items and writeups that allow one to further reflect and contemplate on the definition of love. Here are some of the spots that you can expect to see at the All Walks Of Love Exhibit.

Love Is Unconditional

All walks of love Love Is Unconditional

Many people first experience love at it’s purest through the unconditional love of their parents and caretakers. From sacrificing sleep to the many practices that reflect he unconditional love for an infant, this exhibit is inspired by the red eggs that are eaten during a traditional Chinese celebration of a baby’s full month.

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Love Is Learning To Care

All walks of love Love Is Learning To Care

After receiving love, we then learn to love others. This section explores the themes of love as a child and also the different things that we learn to love, from inanimate objects such as a favourite stuffed toy or a living furry friend. The child-like designs and drawings let visitors reminisce on their childhood memories.

Love Is Friendship

All walks of love Love Is Friendship

Love isn’t just romantic, it is also platonic. This exhibit lets one reflect on the shared memory of playing with friends at the playground and also the different friends that show them love in their life! There is also a QR code that can be scanned to listen to a song about friendship and growing up.

Love Is Embracing Yourself

All walks of love Love Is Embracing Yourself

With the quote “I found love when I found myself” reminds one of how they also need to find love within themselves. In this exhibit, they can find inspirational stories of people who have learnt to embrace their quirks and unique selves.

Love Is A Commitment

All walks of love Love Is A Commitment

With the familiar scene of a vintage telephone booth, one might remember this scene as a place where treasured conversations take place. It is also here that the booth explores the theme of marriage and commitment within the context of the Chinese culture.

Love Is Attention

All walks of love Love Is Attention

With the responsibilities of life demanding our attention, this exhibit brings us back to the subtle yet familiar phrase of “are you coming back for dinner” that many Asian families use as a way to check in on their loved ones to ask if they are going to be back for a family meal.

Leave a Love Letter

All walks of love send a love letter

At the end of the exhibit, visitors are invited to leave a love letter of their own using the materials provided. There are also spaces for them to read letters left by other visitors before them. The All Walks Of Love exhibit is a ticketed event. Tickets are priced at $10 and can be purchased at SISTIC. More details can be found here.


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