3 WheelingTots: Family Life Adventures

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If you are a parent with young children, you would probably have come across the 3 WheelingTots YouTube channel. The channel has more than 7,000 subscribers and for good reason too. It is fun to follow the amazing adventures of the three … erm … wheeling tots as they make their way around Singapore.

Behind the camera at 3 WheelingTots is dad Lawrence Pang who shared with us the story behind the channel.

Video Memories

The 3 WheelingTots YouTube channel started back in 2016.

“Ever since the firstborn, I started taking videos of the boy,” said Lawrence. “I also started making full videos of our outings so that he could watch it during makan time. This continued for a while until the third kid came along.”

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However, from the original premise of filming videos to keep his kids entertained, the channel has since evolved to have a bigger meaning.

Acknowledging the influence of daddy bloggers like SengkangBabies, CheekieMonkies and ThePerfectFather, Lawrence shared that he also wanted to play a part in “encouraging fellow parents to bring their kids out-of-the-house to explore and learn too.”

Family Life with 3 WheelingTots

Family Memories with 3Wheeling Tots
Image: 3 WheelingTots

Notwithstanding, for Lawrence and family, the 3WheelingTots YouTube channel holds plenty of personal memories.

“We like to watch the old videos of when they were younger. The kids are amazed by how small they were, how happy they were and how funny they looked. Parents like me, will reminisce about their younger days with chubbier faces and more expressive actions.”

Lawrence also shared with us some of the challenges he faces as a parent. To him, the biggest one, similar to what many parents face, is juggling between work and family time.

He also recognised the need to evolve as a parent as the kids grow older.

“They are growing up way too fast,” he said. “I’ve got to adapt to how they think and what they like and try to understand their perceptions.”

Spending Time Together

So what are some of their favourite activities and places for family outings?

Exploring the Outdoors
Image: 3WheelingTots

Besides playing outdoor sports and hitting attractions like Legoland Malaysia, Singapore Zoo and River Safari, he also shared that they enjoy visiting nature parks and reserves. During these times, he says “conversations naturally happen.”

There is a practical reason for heading outdoors too. “It is also a time to train their stamina,” he said

What is the real value of all this?

“I hope that through the many outdoor experiences that we share as a family, the kids will cultivate a strong set of good values and character traits such as adaptability, being sociable, respectfulness and empathy,” said Lawrence.

We couldn’t agree more.

Follow along with Lawrence and family’s adventures on the 3 WheelingTots YouTube channel and on Instagram at @3wheelingtots.


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