1819 Suite – Reborn in Cyberspace: Hear Singapore’s History Through Classical Music

Moto Perpetuo
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Resound Collective Limited is a Singapore-based musicians’ collective and registered charity that promotes music for small orchestra and chamber ensembles. This August, they are launching an interactive experience, “1819 Suite – Reborn in Cyberspace”, which chronicles pivotal periods in Singapore’s history. Families and friends are invited to experience classical music in an interactive virtual space.

1819 Suite – Reborn in Cyberspace

1819 Suite - Reborn in Cyberspace

Originally commissioned by Resound Collective in 2019, the piece by Singaporean composer Jonathan Shin features a six-movement musical journey with illustrations that bring the listener through Singapore’s history from 1819 to modern-day Singapore.

Visitors will start this experience with Stamford Raffles’ 1819 arrival in Singapore. Other significant events include the arrival of the British, as well as a piece interpreting a playful re-imagination of the multiplicity of cultures and ethnicities disembarking along the Singapore River.

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The fall of our country is depicted in March – Dark Years, a somber piece. The 1819 Suite concludes in a triumphant Moto Perpetuo – celebrating the past, and looking to the future.

Where to watch 1819 Suite – Reborn in Cyberspace

Where to watch 1819 Suite - Reborn in Cyberspace

Visitors can watch The 1819 Suite via The Glasshouse, a virtual platform where interactive chamber music and chamber arts content is offered.

In celebration of Singapore’s 56th National Day, members of the public will be able to view it for a limited free access period, from 7 August to 19 September 2021.

Learn more at the site here.

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