18 Alpaca Jokes That You’ll Be Fleeced To Know

18 Alpaca Jokes That You'll Be Fleeced To Know
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Do you know the difference between an Alpaca and a llama? One key difference is the size of their ears. Llamas have long banana-shaped ears while alpacas’ ears are shaped a little differently. Another difference is the type of puns and jokes you can find that are specifically about alpacas! Here are 18 Alpaca Jokes To Laugh About.

18 Alpaca Jokes To Laugh About

18 Alpaca Jokes To Laugh About

1. Why don’t alpacas like singing with backing music?
They prefer to sing alpacapella

2. What do alpacas say when they meet someone new?
“Fleeced to meet you!

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3.What did the alpacas go as for their group costume?
The zombie alpacalypse

4. What do you call an alpaca that possesses supreme power?

5. What do you get when you cross a turtle and an alpaca?
A turtleneck sweater

6. What is an alpaca that is mixed with a dog called?
A Wool-f.

7. What do alpacas say when they are tired and want to go to sleep? ‘It’s time for me to hit the hay.’

8. What did the male alpaca say when he was kicked out of the house for cheating on his wife?
Alpaca bag.

9. What did the talent scout say about the juggling alpaca?
That alpaca is one of the most tailented alpacas around.

10. What did Mario say when he saw the Alpaca?
Don’t-a worry it’s a false-a llama!

11. A man came back from a trip overseas and found his scalp being especially itchy. He thought, “Hmm, I’d better see someone about this,” and got himself to a doctor.

Sure enough, the doctor found small insects in his scalp. She asked, “Were you by any chance riding a llama with fleas?”

“No,” the man said, “it’s all been alpaca lice.”

Funny Alpaca Jokes

12 Forget fairy lights, I’ve got my llama lamp!

13. Why didn’t the alpaca want coffee? He only drinks llamanade.

14. I got really hungry when we visited the Alpaca Farm,
next time Alpaca lunch.

15. Two alpacas were preparing to go on a trip, one asked “Did you pack Sunscreen yet?” the other responded with “No, but Alpaca few.”

16. If you get kissed by an alpaca it’s not the end of the world.
It’s the alpaca-lips.

17. My kid has a stuffed alpaca toy. I call it her Dolly Llama!!!

18. I am sad to leave the alpaca alone again. Spending time with him was fun wool it lasted.

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