Bite-sized Parenting: 15+ Alternative Ways To Ask Your Child, “How Was Your Day?”

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As parents, we naturally want to know about how our child’s day in school went. Did they enjoy the time in school? Did they make any new friends? Are they coping with the school routine?

If you have a chatty child, you will no doubt hear all about his or her new best friend, the good or bad food in school and all the things the teachers did.

With quieter children, the response to the question, “How was school today?” may well be turn out to a singular, “Fine” or “Good”.

For those of us with chatty children, even if we don’t have to ask much to get them going, perhaps, we may want to find out more about different aspects of our children’s day.

Or it could simply be that “How was your day?” as a question is simply wearing thin.

If you are pondering how to ask your child, “How was your day?” without having to ask “How was your day?”, here are 15+ suggestions that you can try out when your child next returns home from school.

Alternative Ways To Ask Your Child, “How Was Your Day?”

Who did you have recess with today?

What did you have for recess/break time today?

Did you make any new friends in school today?

What is one thing that you know today that you did not know yesterday?

What was the best lesson you had today?

What was the worst lesson you had today?

Who was the nicest teacher in school today?

If you could change one thing that happened today, what would that be?

What is one thing that made you smile today?

What are three things that you can be thankful for today?

What food do you wish your canteen would sell / they would serve at break time?

Who would you like to make friends with in class?

If you could change one thing about school, what would that be?

If you could describe today as a shape (e.g. triangle, square), what would it be?

Who is the noisiest person in class?

Who is the quietest person in class?