120 Sun Jokes To Brighten Up The Mood

120 Sun Jokes To Lighten Up The Mood
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Ever thoguht about how the sun is the ‘sol’ reason why life on Earth exists? If you’re looking for a list of over 100 puns, one liners and jokes about the sun, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some sun jokes to brighten up any gloomy day.

120 Sun Jokes To Brighten Up The Day

120 Sun Jokes To Brighten Up The Day

  1. Why is the sun not very heavy to carry?
    Because it is really very light.

2. Why did the sun not have to go to college and apply for jobs directly after high school?
He already has a million degrees.

3. Why did a man squint when he saw someone insulting the sun?
He now saw the man in a different light.

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4. Why is the sun so strong and resilient?
Because it can be shaken, but never starred.

5. Why is the sun obsessed with solving math problems?
Because he is always talking about Sum-mer.

6. Why should we always look up to the sun for positivity?
He always focuses on the brighter side of life.

7. Why is bread similar to the sun?
It rises in the yeast-ern side and sets in the waist-ern side.

8. Why do judges hate going out in the sun?
They like to remain fair.

9. Why are Ancient Egyptian males who worship the sun similar to noodles?
They’re called Ra-men.

10. When the sun madly falls in love, what is it called?
Love at first light.

11. What keeps the sun held up in the sky?

12. Why is the sun scared of meeting the devil?
Because it committed a sun.

13. What is a sun’s favourite song by ‘Queen’?
Another sun bites the dust.’

14. What is the sun’s favourite day of the week?
Sunday, of course!

15. Why can you never make the sun stop?
Because he is sun-stoppable.

16. What do you say to a bright person who is making you laugh?
You are too sunny! I cannot stop laughing.

17. Where do sheep go on their summer vacation?
To the Baa-hamas.

18. What do people who love summer over winter say while arguing about it?
When all that is said and sun, I love summer more.

19. Why did the teacher wear her sun shades to school?
Her students were too bright.

20. What did the planets in the solar system say to the sun to appreciate him?
We’d be in a dark place without you.

21. Why does everyone love being friends with stars?
Because of their sunny personalities.

22. What do scientists who study the sun have?
A flare for research.

23. Where lies the focus of the entire solar system?
Everyone circles around the sun.

24. Why does Mercury always need burn ointment?
Because he is always getting sunburnt.

Funny Sun Jokes

Funny Sun Jokes

The sun is one of the most important objects in our solar system. It is the largest object in our solar system. The sun is huge and so bright it’s hard to look at it with your eyes. The sun is a star and it gives off light and heat. Here are more sun jokes to warm you up.

25. What will reading sun jokes under the sun make you?
Well red.

26. What did the fool do to figure out where the sun went every day after dark?
He stayed up all night.

27. How do scientists allow us to see the sun?
In a different light.

28. What is the sun’s favourite ride at the theme park?
The solar coasters.

29. What did the lazy scientist say about landing on the surface of the sun?
He will do it at night!

30. What did the old astronomers do when they got so tired of waiting for sundown? They decided to call it a day.

31. Why is the sun so popular at parties?
Because he is the sunniest.

32. Why is the sun such a famous celeb?
Because he is literally a shining star, as everyone knows.

33. What can we deduce from the fact that Earth is the third planet from the Sun? All earthly problems are third world problems.

34. What is the one free thing everyone gets from the sun?
A free trip around the sun.

35. What does the sun say after waking up every morning?
“Rays and shine!”

36. What type of eclipse would it be if the sun would move in front of the moon?
An apocaclipse.

Read some interesting facts about eclipses.

37. What does a cow make in the morning when the sun rises?
A shadow.

38. What will the sun and his wife be called when they get married?
A match shade in heaven.

39. How does the sun like his eggs for breakfast?

40. What type of relationship do people have with summer?
A love-heat relationship.

More Sun Puns and Jokes

More Sun Puns and Jokes

The sun is huge and so bright it’s hard to look at it with your eyes. The sun is a star and it gives off light and heat. Ready for more sun puns?

41. What is another fancy name for a sun fart?
A solar flare.

42. If the sun had a kid, what would it be like?
It would be like father, like sun.

43. What would a female sun’s favourite song be?
Girls just wanna have sun!

44. What did Sin and Cos want to stay out in the sun for a bit longer?
They wanted to become tanned gents.

45. Why is the sun so antisocial?
He thinks he’ll hurt anyone who comes close.

46. Why is the sun never on time for anything?
He is forever fashionably light.

47. Why is the sun is so good at playing tennis?
He is always playing for game, sunset, and match.

48. Why did the sun make his little son attend school?
So he could get brighter.

49. What is the sun’s favourite dessert in summer?
An ice cream sundae.

50. Why do people find summer such a cool season?
Because anything is popsicle when it is summer.

51. What does nitrogen become when the sun comes up?

52. How does the sun wish the earth on New Year’s?
Happy Bearthday.

53. How did the trees feel after winter when the sun was shining bright again?
They felt releaved.

54. Which prize do the participants in the sun tanning Olympics always want?
The third prize wants a bronze.

55. What is the best TV series to watch when you are enjoying the summer holidays?
Game of cones!

56. How can the sun come up twice in one day?
Once in the morning and once during a conversation.

57. What would the sun say if he had a wife?
You are my sol-mate.

58. What does the sun say to his kid?
I love you, sun!

59. What did the black hole say to the sun while arguing?
“Don’t you get the gravity of the situation?”

60. What is the sun’s favourite Shakespearean dessert?
A midsummer ice cream.

61. Why really should you never look at the sun from behind a colander?
You will end up straining your eyes.

62. What did the sun enthusiast find out after following the sun for a day?
He found himself at the same spot.

63. What do pigs say when they stay too long under the sun?
I am bacon.

64. What sort of bond does the sun have with all the planets in its solar system?
A bond of sol-idarity.

65. What is the sun’s favourite clothing brand?
Kelvin Klein.

66. Why do people usually go to sunbathe on beaches during the summer?
Because it is their favourite sea-sun.

67. What happened to the girl who was up all night thinking about where the sun could have gone?
The answer dawned upon her in the morning.

68. What do people say to others when summer vacation is over?
I beacha miss the summer break.

Sun Jokes to Brighten Up the Day

69. What are hot cups also known as?

70. How does the sun get a haircut from the moon?
Eclipse it.

71. What type of flower grows in the surface of the sun?
An Ultra-Violet

72. Where do sharks go on summer vacation?
To Finland.

73. Why is the sun always very mad at the clouds?
They just keep throwing shade.

74. Why did the moon refuse to go to the sun’s funeral?
It is not a mourning person.

75. Which Marvel supervillain loves being under the sun?

76. What happened when someone lit a fire from the sun ray?
Everyone was de-lighted.

77. What do the trees say to tourists when they are on summer vacation?
Keep palm and enjoy!

78. What did the sun expert say about travelling to space?
Been there, sun that.

79. What did the guy say when his friends laughed at his poor attempt at applying sunscreen on his back?
“Please, don’t rub it in.”

80. What is the best song to hear while chilling during summer vacation?
‘Tropic like it’s hot.’

81. Why does the sun not need to go to college?
Because it already has a million degrees sitting at home and is bright enough.

82. Why is the sun such an egomaniac?
They believe that everything revolves around them.

83. What is sun-bathing called in northern Spain?

84. What do people do during their summer holidays?
They have a lot of sun.

85. How does the sun greet the moon and the earth?
Heat waves.

86. Why did the sun feel so dizzy?
Because he felt light-headed.

87. What happened when the sun was given a gun?
It became a shooting star.

Sunny Jokes

88. What did Mercury say when she finished up cleaning the sun’s house?
It is all sun and dusted.

89. What is hairy, brown, and wears shades?
A coconut going on a vacation.

90. Why does everyone love jokes about the sun?
Because they are de-lightful.

91. What kind of waves would a sea on the sun possibly have?
Heat waves.

92. What would the only son of the sun be?
The sol heir to all his property.

93. Why should you start a conversation about sunscreen if it gets boring? Because it is topical.

94. What’s it called when your drill instructor gets too much Sun on his lower leg?

95. What rating should you give the sun on Google Maps?
Only one star.

96. What is a bread called when it readily goes to sleep under the sun?

97. Why does Voldemort hates the sun?
Because his sunglasses won’t stay up

98. What did the man who was rejected at the sunscreen factory say?
“I can always reapply.”

99. Why did the sun get into so much trouble?
He took his pranks to star.

100. Why can you never tell the exact time by only looking at the sun?
After some time, it gets spotty.

101. How do you get ready for a trip around the Sun?

Sun puns and one-liner jokes

Sun puns and one-liner jokes

Here are some fun puns about the sun and more.

102. The first Humans saw the sun go up and then back down in 24 hours
and so they decided to call it a day

103. I take part in the sun tan competition every single year.
Why do I never get better than bronze!

104. My parents always tell me that their world doesn’t revolve around me
I guess that means that I’m not actually their sun

105. Sunday: Greg, Monday: Ian, Tuesday: Greg, Wednesday: Ian, Thursday: Greg, Friday: Ian, Saturday: Greg
It’s the Gregorian calendar.

106. I woke up this morning and saw two birds sitting in the sun in my backyard, eating ice cream.
They were Basking Robins.

107. If you leave a grape out in the sun, it’ll shrivel and dry up…
Just raisin awareness

108. I stayed up all night to see where the sun went, then it dawned on me.

109. If the world is 3rd from sun
Doesn’t that make all countries a 3rd world country?

110. If Google maps asks me to rate the Sun
It is not going to get more than “1-star”

111. Would you like to be the sun of my life? Good then stay 92.96 million miles away from me

112. My mom said that I should stop looking at the sun
I, personally, don’t see any problem with that.

113. I was just thinking that if I shaved and shined my scalp and stood out in the sun, I could blind passers-by or start a fire.
Just some random reflections off the top of my head.

114. I completed another lap around the Sun, but I only get half a minute to celebrate today.
It’s my thirty-second birthday.

Even more Sun Jokes

115. Son: Dad can you tell me what a solar eclipse is?
Dad: No sun

Read some interesting facts about eclipses.

116. Two pigs are sitting in the sun
One says: “I’m getting pretty hot!”
The other says: “Yeah I’m bacon!”

117. Bread is like the sun.
It rises in the yeast and sets in the waist.

118. These two drunks are arguing if the thing in the sky is the sun or the moon.
They can’t figure it out so they ask a passerby.

“Hey man we’re having an argument. Is the thing in the sky the sun or the moon?”

“I dunno man I ain’t from this neighbourhood.”

119. Don’t trust people who avoid the sun.
They’re shady.

120. I had a staring contest with the sun and I won!
The sun must’ve blinked since there doesn’t seem to be any light anymore!

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