10 Things That Shouldn’t Go With Chocolate But Do

Chocolate Curry Maggi
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Valentine’s Day traditionally involves giving a box of chocolates to that special someone, but that’s too conventional. Instead, here’s a list of foods you could use to add a twist to chocolatey treats for your loved ones! Starting off this countdown with exclusively local dishes, we move on to unique chocolate combinations found in Singapore that originated from elsewhere in the world!

Unique Chocolate Combinations Found in Singapore

1. Chocolate Curry Maggi

Curry Maggi with Chocolate
Bright, fragrant and spicy!

This combination has caused quite a rave: Curry Maggi noodles paired with milo powder! While not exactly purely chocolate, milo is a staple on a typical Singaporean menu. When added to the curry, it thickens it and gives it little hints of sweetness in the soup that is a delight to the taste buds. Luckily for us, it’s easy to make and possible to D.I.Y.

2. Raw Egg Milo

Chocolate with Raw EggThis next combination is an item on the hawker centres’ secret menu that is only spoken of in whispers and dates back to long ago when workers wanted a quick fix to boost their energy levels. The thought of raw eggs in a cup of Milo is bound to make many queasy but the drink is a surprisingly hot favourite amongst those in the know. The egg accentuates the fragrance of the Milo and gives it a similar texture to a malt drink. Hopefully the hawker centre uncle would acquiesce to your request. I know the one at Bukit Timah Market and Food Centre, Stall #02–169 is more than willing. Or you could also just D.I.Y and try it with chocolate!

3. Goreng Pisang with Melted Chocolate

When you thought this couldn’t get any better, we’re bringing chocolate to a classic local snack. You’ve heard of banana splits with chocolate sauce drizzled over it. Now it’s time to bring it a level up using fried banana fritters instead. Uncovered completely by accident, a couple of Chocolate Pocky sticks got mixed with my piping hot goreng pisang, melting the chocolate. The result: an explosion of sweet tones, with the enhanced sweetness of deep fried bananas melding perfectly with the chocolate. To obtain this treasure, simply buy a couple of goreng pisang pieces from your favourite stall and pour melted chocolate over it. This is double treat for those with a sweet tooth!

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4. Powdered Ginger Chocolate

Chocolate with Ground GingerAnother kopitiam secret menu item, powdered ginger mixed with hot chocolate or milo or Milo Halia. In the correct ratio, the ginger adds a spice and kick to the popular drink while the distinctive ginger smell is masked by the sweet aroma of the chocolate essence. All you need to do is just pass any hawker centre uncle the grounded ginger and he’ll mix it into the drink perfectly. Personally, I think the uncle at the Bukit Timah Market and Food Centre, Stall #02–169 (again!), does it pretty well. It is the perfect backup plan if the wet weather in the monsoon seasons decides to throw a wrench into your little day out itineraries.

5. Chocolate Tablet Porridge and Dried Fish

An interesting pairing originating from the Philippines is Champorado with Tuyo, chocolate porridge with dried fish. Glutinous rice is boiled with chocolate tablets and eaten with fried fish bits. Typically served at breakfast, the sweet porridge and salty fish intertwine in an addicting dance of the taste buds.

6. Wasabi White Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate with WasabiBringing a Japanese twist to chocolate, wasabi and chocolates are a seemingly big hit. This pairing has been made mainstream in recent years with the creation of wasabi flavoured KitKat bars. Lola’s Café in Kovan has married the two in a beautiful signature dessert called the Wasabi White Chocolate Mousse for only $7. Despite the questionable but exotic mix of ingredients, the two complement each other well with the wasabi not too overwhelming, allowing the rich sweetness of the white chocolate to shine through.

7. White or Dark Chocolate with Bacon Strips

Chocolate with BaconAnother interesting dessert is Jekyll & Hyde at Oh My Bacon Café on Dunlop Street. There are alternatives to this sublime pairing, with a choice of either white or dark chocolate to go with the bacon strips. For customers with a sweet tooth, the white chocolate pairing brings the tastiness and sweetness levels to a new high while the dark chocolate version brings a new dimension of relish to the savoury bacon strips, an unusually stunning combination for gourmets to appreciate at an affordable price of $7.

8. French Fries with Chocolate

Fries with Chocolate
Ma Maison’s Chocolate Fries lookin’ rich!

Chocolate and French Fries – what could be better than to combine our two favourite foods? Ma Maison Restaurant in Bugis Junction did just the thing. Fresh, oily, crispy fries with thick, viscous, sweet chocolate sauce at $8.80++. This is one combination that might not push the right buttons for everyone. If you prefer something easier to find and to stomach, McDonald’s Hot Fudge Sundae with Fries also works. The sweet perfectly complements the salty and if you eat the fries with just the fudge, you lose the distraction that is the sundae, allowing the two to reach harmonic convergence.

9. Chocolate and Cheese

This next pairing has gained popularity in recent years: Chocolate and Cheese. Be it Duke Bakery’s double chocolate cheese buns or classy-sounding desserts like Mousses, this unlikely combination has inspired many new cuisines. Club 55 at Marina Bay Sands has a good idea – start a Cheese and Chocolate Buffet. Costing $44++ for adults, this exquisite fare offers uniquely handcrafted desserts in over 40 forms, catering to everyone’s taste buds.

10.  Caviar with White Chocolate

Last but most definitely not the least, the regal couple: Caviar with White Chocolate. This pairing even has received backing from researchers in molecular gastronomy, recommending their union. This scientific method of pairing food was most notably used by the now famous chef of The Fat Duck, Heston Blumenthal, to create ‘the perfect combination’ of caviar with white chocolate. To quote him, “The rich smoothness of the chocolate and the buttery brininess of the caviar melted and melded deliciously in the mouth.” Although this pairing has yet to appear in restaurants around Singapore, we can’t help but hope that one day in the near future, we will be fortunate enough for its acclaimed sapour to grace our palates.

So here’s our list of unique chocolate combinations found in Singapore. With so many diverse and bizarre pairings, it’s never too chocoLATE to start planning your entrée for your next day of sweet exploration!

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