10+ Brands With Healthy CNY Goodies 2020: Yes They Exist!

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Gluten-free, egg-free, low-sugar, keto, diabetic-friendly – these are different kinds of CNY goodies you can find so indulging is less sinful! Plus they can yield great health benefits when you consume them too. We find out whether healthy CNY goodies exist and where you can get them just in time for the festive period.

1. Keto-friendly CNY Goodies including Bak Kwa (!!!) by Mahota

Keto-friendly CNY Goodies including Bak Kwa (!!!) by MahotaFor those on a Keto diet, you might love Mahota’s range of keto-friendly goodies which require pre-orders. The hugely popular keto bak-kwa yields only 9 g of carbs per 100 g serving. Get a free CNY gift bag for purchases above 2 kg. Order details here.

Mahota has collaborated with keto bakery Kekito to retail delicious keto cookies in three flavours: chocolate chip, salted egg yolk and peanut with sea salt. Purchase them from Mahota’s Kitchener Complex branch. These keto goodies are also suitable for the gluten-intolerant.

Though not a keto-friendly option, Mahota also sells Almond crisps with pumpkin seeds. Crispy, nutritious and packed with nuts and seeds, the almond crisps with pumpkin seeds are definitely worth indulging in.

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More details on Mahota’s offerings are listed here.

2. Clean Addicts’ Flourless Matcha Dark Cookies

The Clean Addicts’ cookies are probably my favourite flavour of the lot. Dairy-free, gluten-free and packed with antioxidants, there are a few green tea flavours to choose from including matcha dark chocolate, hojicha dark chocolate and matcha speculoos. They have got healthy matcha cake options as well with nutfree and sugarfree choices. See the variety here.

3. Bakening’s Gluten-free, Paleo, Vegan Cookies

Eight different flavours of cookies in a prosperity bag! If you’re hosting relatives with different dietary concerns or allergies, Bakening’s prosperity bag might be it. From choco hazelnut to lavender and seaweed, there is a flavour to please anyone.

More details here.

4. Kee Song’s Organic Chick-Kwa

If you prefer chicken bak-kwa, try Kee Song’s organic chick-kwa featuring organically farmed chickens fed with lactobacillus. Plus these chickens listen to Mozart! Sounds like a classical dish that will be in tune with your bowels.

Order them here.

5. Bud of Joy’s Organic and Healthier CNY cookies

Bud of Joy’s Organic and Healthier CNY cookiesBud of Joy’s cookies are all about treating the body right. No transfat, no preservatives, no refined sugar, no artificial flavours and colours, non-GMO products. Wow, in other words, CNY goodies that won’t shorten your life. Enjoy pineapple tarts made from fresh organic pineapples, chocolate cookies made with organic raw cacao and all sweetness from organic unsulphured molasses. There are also eggless, vegan, dairy-free options.

Choose from the selection of bundle promotions like gluten free almond crunch, cashew bursts, pineapple pearls, dark chocolate melts and vegan pineapple tarts. Make your purchases here.

6. Delcie’s Dessert & Cakes’ Guilt-free CNY Cookies

Delcie’s Dessert & Cakes’ Guilt-free CNY CookiesFrom low-GI pineapple pastries, diabetic-friendly cookies, Delcie’s is a popular bakery offering a good selection of guilt-free treats. All the cookies are suitable for vegans and vegetarians, and are also made with halal-friendly ingredients. Pre-orders for Delcie’s cookies have closed, but you can do walk-in store purchases. More details here.

7. Boxgreen’s “Not Your Usual” CNY Snacks

Boxgreen’s “Not Your Usual” CNY SnacksHealthy snacks subscription provider Boxgreen has jumped on the bandwagon with some unusual CNY treats. Eager to try honey sesame ginger crunch or salted egg quinoa bars? You can see the four types of snacks here.

8. Cedele Market’s CNY Menu

Cedele’s CNY menu includes beetroot chocolate chip cookies, egg-free pandan chia seed cookies, eggless Lemongrass Pistachio, Earl Grey Tea andespresso crunch and more. CNY cakes are also available. A healthy cake option would be the Pear Frangipane cake which is gluten-free and made with organic sugar. See the entire menu here.

9. Nuttier’s Organic Almond Butter Pineapple Tarts

Nuttier’s Organic Almond Butter Pineapple Tarts - Healthy CNY Snacks 2020Looks like low-calorie options are aplenty! Nuttier Nuts put a twist on the seasonal favourite pineapple tarts by adding a slurry of organic almond butter, maple syrup and French vanilla. Sure sounds delish. Enjoy 15% off Nuttier’s products till 25th January.

10. Ryan’s Grocery’s Bak Kwa made with Free Range Pork

Another option for the bbq-ed meat fans. Ryan’s Grocery has made theirs with hormone-free and antibiotics-free free range pork with 60% less sugar and salt. You might also like the spicy version seasoned with a proprietary blend of spices and chilli oil. Make your orders here.

11. Edith Patisserie

You might think healthy CNY goodies might be bland and unappetizing. We tried Edith’s keto and diabetic-friendly pineapple tarts and got hooked! Aside from its sugar-free buttery pineapple tarts, there are gluten-free + vegan white sesame cookies and egg-free chocolate cookies. YUM! Order them online!

Make your own Healthier CNY Goodies

For home bakers and eager hands, you might want to make your own goodies. There are plenty of recipes online and also easy options such as baked chickpeas/garbanzo beans seasoned with paprika, baked banana or apple chips. Replacing refined sugar with molasses or coconut sugar can also help lower GI levels. Find a recipe that works for you and it could be a fun activity for parent-child bonding.

While Chinese New Year is often about feasting and indulging, being conscious of what you eat can yield real longevity and health. To a healthful new year!



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