Zoo-rassic Park

Zoo-rassic Park
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Come face to face with T-rex, Spinosaurus, Stegosarus and a host of their prehistoric cousins at Singapore Zoo and River Safari this year end. Zoo-rassic Park promises a fun-filled immersive adventure as you discover how to save today’s species from going the way of the dinosaurs.

Try your hand at being a paleontologist by excavating dinosaur fossils. Journey through the Same Same But Different Trail to learn about convergent evolution and be amazed by how the animals of today share similar features and behaviours with these relics of the past.

Don’t miss out on a perfect photo opportunity with the park’s T-rex and Velociraptor as they welcome you into this realm of giants past, accompanied by their charismatic dinosaur keeper.

River Safari has also been gripped by dino fever. Some Zoo-rassic Park residents have made their way to the freshwater attraction to meet their old friends! Continue your prehistoric learning journey in Singapore Zoo’s sister park to learn about living fossils in the Extinction Escapees Trail and find out more about ancient animals still alive today such as the Alligator snapping turtle, Indian Gharial and Giant Chinese Salamander.

Dinosaur-themed activities happen weekends of 26 Nov – 18 Dec 2016. Visitors can continue to catch the dinosaurs grazing in their new home at Singapore Zoo and River Safari until May 2017.

Event Information

Zoo-rassic Park

Start date: 26/11/16 10:00
End date: 18/12/16 19:00

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