Young Children’s Concert – The Little Adventurer of SCO

Young Children's Concert - The Little Adventurer of SCO
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From sunny skies, light drizzles to thunderstorm and the strong typhoon, they can be represented by the different beats, rhythm and melodies in music. Let the little adventurers explore the close ‘friendship’ between music and the weather through music articulations such as staccato, legato, glissando, tremolo, trill and pizzicato! Join Professor Quek on this fun music journey and see how music instruments tell the weather forecast!

Discover The Magic of Music 3 / Tan Kah Yong
Spring in the Pamirs / Arranged by Sim Boon Yew
Excerpt from Melodies of Spring (Vivaldi Spring)/ Arranged by Sim Boon Yew
Three Taiwanese Folk Tunes: Tian Hei Hei / Arranged by Law Wai Lun
Three Sichuan Folk Songs: Tai Yang Chu Lai Xi Yang Yang / Gu Guan Ren
Excerpt from Fishermen’s Song of the Eastern Seas / Composed by Gu Guan Ren, Ma Sheng Long
Against Typhoon / Arranged by Liu Bin
Excerpt from Rhythm of the Rain/ Composed by John Gummoe, re-arranged by Phang Kok Jun
Excerpt from Thunder and Lightning Polka / Composed by Johann Strauss II, arranged by Gu Guan Ren
Excerpt from Prince Sang Nila Utama and Singa/ Law Wai Lun
The Weather Songs / Liong Kit Yeng

Tickets available through SISTIC.

Event Information

Young Children’s Concert – The Little Adventurer of SCO

Start date: 27/5/17 17:00
End date: 27/5/17 19:00

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