Wow! Wayang by Sri Warisan – 11 Mar 2017

Music from the Islands by The Pan Cats – 18 Mar 2017
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Arts in Your Neighbourhood returns from 9 to 26 March 2017, featuring more than 30 entertaining performances and activities at 12 locations island-wide.

Sri Warisan brings back good old kampong days with Wow! Wayang – a traditional puppet-shadow play against a jumbo screen, and dancing in sync to live Gamelan music. Be inspired by folktales of princes as well as stories of modern day superheroes and see their adventures come to life in this Wayang Kulit. Audiences will also get to try their hand at this traditional art form during the performance.

Event Information

Wow! Wayang by Sri Warisan – 11 Mar 2017

Start date: 11/3/17 19:30
End date: 11/3/17 20:30

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