Work From Home The KonMarie Way: WFH Tips From Marie Kondo

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Do feel like your workspace and work routine is getting mundane and unproductive? Our favourite Japanese organising guru Marie Kondo has some tips to rekindle the spark of joy!  

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In her new book titled ‘Joy at Work‘, which she co-wrote with organisational psychologist Scott Sonenshein’, she gives tips and tricks using the KonMarie method that will “help you overcome the challenges of workplace mess and enjoy the productivity, success and happiness that come with a tidy desk and mind.” 

WFH Tips From Marie Kondo 

Here are some 5 tips that we think will help in the office or even as you work from home. 

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Categorising is Key 

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Following the “spark joy” mantra, Marie Kondo says that there are three types of categories that your items should be sorted into. 

First are things that spark joy for you. This can includes a picture of a loved one, your lucky pen or any sentimental items. 

Second are things that are functional for your work such as stationary, your mouse pad and any other items that are important for you to be productive at work. 

Third are things that will lead to future joy such as receipts or bills. 

Keep The Desk Clean 

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The aim is to keep the desk completely clean and be extremely intentional to keep only items that spark joy on your desk.  

Everything else should be in a designated place and categories. Things should also be stored upright. 

Establish a routine 

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Those who have been working from home since March might relate to how it is difficult to work when your living space and workspace intersect.  

Marie Kondo suggests establishing a WFH routine for yourself to help change gears at the beginning and end of every workday. Her practice includes diffusing oils and striking a tuning fork just before starting work. She also suggests writing your goals down and categorising them based on the level of importance, which allows you to visualise your day better and makes it easier to get the essential things done faster.  

Set a fixed time for emails 

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Marie Kondo suggests giving yourself a specific time to read and answer emails, so that replying emails don’t break the workflow and doing this also prevents the emails from getting piled up. 

Rest is important 

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When working from home, there’s a higher chance that you might end up spending more time staring at your electronic devices than usual. Marie Kondo emphasises on being aware of your energy levels and taking tech breaks during your rest time.  

With these 5 Work From Home tips from the mistress of decluttering, hopefully, you feel more zen and centred as you work from home.

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