White Elephant Spotted: Make Your Mark On Shelley At Playeum From 4 To 5 October 2019

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A white elephant normally refers to something cumbersome and unwanted. However, that’s not the case with the white elephant outside Playeum, Children’s Centre for Creativity. Instead, it is something which participants at Make Your Mark on 4 to 5 October 2019 can very much look forward to.

Shelley the Elephant

Shelley the ElephantAffectionally named Shelley, the elephant has been part of Playeum’s journey, standing at the entrance of the Children’s Centre for Creativity since September 2015. She was donated to Playeum by TANGS Singapore and Elephant Parade.

Those who have seen Shelley would recall the elephant being bright pink and colourfully decorated, symbolising a brighter future.

Redoing ShelleyHowever, Shelley has recently undergone a make-over and turned into a literal white elephant.

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Turning Shelley White for Make Your MarkThis has been done ahead of the upcoming Make Your Mark event on 4 and 5 October 2019.

In line with the theme of the upcoming family-friendly event being held in conjunction with Children’s Day 2019, participants – both children and parents – will be invited to play their part in decorating Shelley the elephant. The new paint scheme will be similar to Playeum’s brand colours – bright pink, blue, yellow and orange.

This activity has also been inspired by the story of The Blind Men and The Elephant, a tale about how different viewpoints can contribute towards a holistic perspective.

Make Your Mark at Playeum

Besides the Paint Shelley! activity, other painting, drawing and art programmes and workshops have been lined up for Mark Your Mark 2019.

Artists Sol Pickens, Niki Laurens, Amy Fitzgerald and Shevon Leck will be present at the event and participants can draw (no pun intended) inspiration watching them work.

There will also be drop-in activities workshops held throughout the two-day event. For example, children can build their own miniature playground out of food scraps. Artists Snoia Kwek and Din Chan will also be leading a workshop Shape of You on mark-making through body movements. At Dear Pencil, children will be able to enjoy a story reading session that reflects on the humble pencil and brings across the message of gratitude.

Make Your Mark at Playeum is a ticketed event. Get more information here.

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