Where To Buy Mooncakes In Singapore 2018 For The Mooncake Festival

Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy Mooncakes
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As the Mid-Autumn Festival 2018 approaches, what’s a festive celebration without festive food? Mooncakes are definitely a “must-have” treat during this season. We searched out various places where you can get mooncakes in Singapore 2018 for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Here are some places where you can get traditional lotus paste mooncakes in Singapore and snow skin mooncakes too.

Mooncakes in Singapore 2018

Thye Moh Chan – Teochew Mooncakes

Thye Moh Chan - Teochew MooncakesCelebrating their 75th anniversary this year, Thye Moh Chan is still keeping up with the times with its selection of time-honoured Teochew mooncakes.

These mooncakes in Singapore 2018 have a flaky pastry crust and can be found in classic flavours such as the Salty Tau Sar with Salted Egg Yolk, Sweet Tau Sar with Melon Seeds, Teochew Classic Double Delight.

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For 2018, Thye Moh Chan has introduced new flavours like Red Bean Mochi with Salted Egg Yolk, Mao Shan Wang Durian and Yam with Salted Egg Yolk too!

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Paradise Group

Paradise Group - Mooncakes in Singapore 2018Paradise Group offers traditional baked mooncakes in Singapore for 2018 which are made with less sugar and a great choice for those who want a healthier alternative. Prices range from $54 to $62 for boxes of four pieces depending on the flavour. Mooncakes can be ordered from 1  August  2018 and collection starts from 13 August 2018.

Traditional Teochew Yam Pastry MooncakeYou can also order their Traditional Teochew Yam Pastry Mooncake for 2018 (S$52 per box of 4 pieces) which consists of fillings such salted egg yolk, pine nuts and yam paste. The Traditional Yam  Pastry  Mooncake is  exclusively  available at  Paradise  Teochew only with limited stocks available.

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Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy

Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy Mooncakes in Singapore 2018Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy offers traditional baked mooncakes with three semi-sweet white lotus variants: White Lotus with Macadamia Nuts, Imperial Assorted Nuts and White Lotus with Single Egg Yolk.

This year, the hotel is also showcasing a new range of snowskin moon cakes, available from 30 August to 24 September 2018.

Mooncakes are on sale at the hotel’s Mooncake booth at the Lobby, Wave Café and Jia Wei Chinese Restaurant.

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Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel Mooncakes in Singapore 2018Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza has brought back baked classics such as White Lotus Seed Paste with Single/Double Yolk, Pine Nuts or Macadamia Nuts mooncakes and Snowskin mooncakes filled with Pure Mao Shan Wang Premium Grade Durian as well as the Green Tea Snowskin Mooncakes with Japanese Red Beans.

Also available from 20 August to 24 September 2018 is Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel’s Limited-edition Royal Gift Set comprising of gold-dusted White Lotus Seed Paste Baked Mooncakes with Chrysanthemum, Mixed Grains, Serrano Ham & Salted Egg Yolk, together with a bottle of premium Villa Girardi Amarone Della Valpolicella 2013.

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Starbucks mooncakes, SingaporeIf you love Starbucks, you are reading the right section. In terms of mooncakes in Singapore for 2018, Starbucks is offering traditional White Lotus Paste with Egg Yolk mooncakes.

Custard Mooncake BoxStarbucks is also bringing in Hong Kong’s popular Custard Mooncake for the Mid-Autumn Festival 2018. Available from 20 Aug, it can be purchased as a single portion or in a Custard Mooncake Box ($49.90 per box) that contains six Custard mooncakes.

Each box also comes with a beautiful Starbucks LED Moon Lantern and a set of treat vouchers to add on to the festive spirit!

More hardcore Starbucks’ coffee or tea lovers will also be able to enjoy mooncakes incorporated with Starbucks house blends. These include flavours such as Starbucks Green Tea with Red Bean mooncake and Starbucks Coffee with Walnut, where the signature micro ground coffee is mixed into white lotus paste and toss in chopped walnuts for an added crunch.

Mooncakes are available in single pieces and in an Assorted Mooncake Box. The assorted Mooncake Box comes with two of each flavour (Starbucks Green Tea with Red Bean, Starbucks Coffee with Walnut and White Lotus Paste with Egg Yolk) and is sold for $49.90

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Mei Xin 美心

Mei Xin MooncakesKnown for being the best-selling mooncake brand in Hong Kong, Mei Xin 美心also has the Original Lava Custard Mooncake this year. These mooncakes go through a unique “double-baking” process, where the salted egg yolks are baked before the it is baking with the custard.

Apart from their signature Lava Custard Mooncake, they also have traditional mooncake flavours such as White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake with 2 Egg Yolks and snowskin variants with flavours such as Mango with Pomelo Dessert and Pink Guava & Apricot.

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TungLok Group

TungLok Group MooncakesLooking for an excuse to justify that extra serving of mooncake? How about a healthy mooncake certified by the Health Promotion Board?

TungLok Mooncakes offer treats that are lower in sugar, saturated fats and calories. It is also high in fibre and just as yummy!

This range of mooncakes in Singapore 2018 includes the best-selling Double Yolk White Lotus, Double Yolk Red Lotus, Egg Yolk White Lotus and Egg Yolk Red Lotus and Egg yolk pandan lotus with pistachios.

For an indulgent sweet treat, there is the Brown Sugar Mochi with Red Bean and Yam or Peanut and Black Sesame.

TungLok Mooncakes are available at TungLok restaurants, Fairprice Xpress, Cheers at Esso Stations, and selected Cheers stores from now until 24 September 2018; as well as at Takashimaya Square, B2 from 22 August to 24 September 2018.

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