Where to Buy Gorgeous Cheongsams and CNY Wear

Where to Buy Gorgeous Cheongsams and CNY Wear
Image: Joli Pretty
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We’re all excited to say goodbye to the topsy-turvy Year of the Mouse and welcome what will hopefully be a more smooth-sailing Year of the Ox. And one great way to mark the fresh start is with some smashing CNY outfits.

After all, even though this year’s celebrations may be a little irregular, there’s no reason not to have some dress-up fun. Especially when there is all manner of cute, cool and stylish Oriental-style clothing out there for kids and adults, from quirky-print cheongsams to endearing little mandarin-collar dresses and shirts.

Where to Buy Gorgeous CNY Wear & Cheongsams in Singapore

Here, we’ve curated some of the best labels to check out for spiffy CNY fashion. And yes, some of them offer twinning sets and family get-ups for those who want to go full-on matchy matchy.

Little Qipao

Little Qipao CNY
Image: Little Qipao

Known for cheery colours and fun designs like denim qipaos and rompers with mandarin collars, this is a one-stop shop for those buying CNY outfits for the whole family. Mum, dad, bro, sis, toddler, baby – there are options for everyone.

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The Happy Cheongsam

Happy Cheongsam CNY
Image: Happy Cheongsam

Puts its own spin on the traditional cheongsam by incorporating eye-popping prints, fresh colours and new elements like drop waists and ruffle hems in adult and kids’ dresses. All designs are handmade in limited runs, so you can be sure what you have is pretty exclusive.


Le Petit Society

Le Petit Society CNY
Image: Le Petit Society

You’ll be spoilt for choice at the number of offerings here. Fitted cheongsams for mummies, babydoll and A-line dresses for little girls, rompers, mandarin collar shirts for daddies and boys, even tees and onesies with CNY motifs. Founded by Singaporean couple Robyn Liang and Dylan Ong who have three kids of their own, the clothes are designed to be highly comfortable and lasting.


Joli Pretty

Joli Pretty CNY cheongsam
Image: Joli Pretty

Using carefully selected fabrics sourced from Singapore, the U.S, Japan, Korea and other parts of Asia, Joli Pretty aims to update the cheongsam to suit contemporary tastes. Expect fluted hems and A-line cuts for little girls and trend elements like capelets and split shoulders for mums.


Elizabeth Little

Elizabeth Little dress
Image: Elizabeth Little

It’s a case of East meets West. The organic cotton, fine Japanese linen and heritage Liberty prints that Elizabeth Little is known for are used to create the sweetest little mandarin collar dresses, classic cheongsams and mandarin shirts. The selection isn’t huge, but it’s all about handcrafted quality and clothes worth cherishing.


Maison Q

Maison Q dress
Image: Maison Q

Talk about being creatively on theme. For this year’s CNY collection, the brand has come up with a range of apparel for babies, kids, teens and adults inspired by a children’s book and featuring its own set of cute characters like the Fantastic Mr Ox and Lucky Cat. Also, many of the pieces are reversible, so in effect you’re getting two items for the price of one.


Pocketpig Diary

Pocketpig Diary CNY
Image: Pocketpig Diary

Warning: there are so many options to choose from here, it’s going to be real tough making up your mind. Whether you’re after cheongsam dresses or tops, traditional Chinese style or Korean-inspired, kungfu sets or twinning sets, the site offers all these and more. The range covers all ages too, from babies to adults.


Charmed On 9th Avenue

Charmed On 9th Ave CNY kids
Image: Charmed On 9th Ave

Besides a good range of CNY dressed for mummies, there are also some adorable designs for little girls and boys. Traditional without looking fusty or gaudy.


Sea Apple

Sea Apple dress
Image: Sea Apple

For understated but classy CNY wear for your little ones, be sure to look in here. The colours may not be the loudest, nor the styles the funkiest, but there is a quiet sweetness to the designs that ensure they stay timeless and versatile. You really don’t need a traditional festive occasion to wear them.


Miz Apparels

Miz Apparels CNY cheongsam
Image: Miz Apparels

Mummies who want to step out with their mini-me in tow will be stoked at the number of twinning sets available here. They don’t stop at mother-daughter combos either – there are also matching outfits for little boys.



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