Weekends at The Artground – 29 Feb & 1 Mar

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On the weekends, The Artground is organises a variety of age-specific drop-in programmes that participants will get to enjoy on a first come, first served basis, inside our Whitebox or at The Good Garden.

Each programme will be charged at $10 per parent-child pair, which you can pay in the queue just before the programme starts. There is no registration for these activities as they are first come, first served (unless stated otherwise). An announcement will be made 5 mins before each programme and the first XX number of children in the queue will get to enjoy the programme (XX refers to the age-specified & capacity of the programme, ie Dance Playground is for the first 20 children between 4 – 8 years).

29 Feb, Sat
10:30 am – Dance Playground by Rolypoly Family (4 – 8 years) [$10 Drop-in programme]

1:30 pm – The Sultan’s Palace by Bright Ong ( 4 – 6 years) [A Groundbreakers work-in development, free programme with registration]

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2:30 pm – Happy Feet Groove (Hip hop kids) by Andy (4 – 7 years) [Free trial programme, Drop-in]

3:30 pm – A Tiny Beat by My Piano Room (3 – 5 years) [$10 Drop-in programme]

4:30 pm – Baby Beat by Kulcha Pop (8 – 36 months) [$10 Drop-in programme]


1 Mar, Sun
10:30 am – Grow With Me by The Kueh Tutus (12 – 30 months) [Ticketed programme, $22 per pair]

11:30 am – Terrific Tales by The Storytelling Centre Ltd (3 – 7 years) [$10 Drop-in programme]

2:30 pm – Craftermusican by My Piano Room (2 – 6 years) [$10 Drop-in programme]

4:30 pm – Dance-telling – Little Krishna by Ethos (3 – 7 years) [$10 Drop-in programme]


Event Information

Weekends at The Artground – 29 Feb & 1 Mar

Start date: 29/2/20 10:30
End date: 1/3/20 17:30

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