Weekend Picks: 12 – 13 Aug

The Wee Question Mark M1 Chinese Theatre Festival
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It’s not officially a long weekend, but we’re sure many of you have taken an extra day or two off anyway to stretch out the mid-week National Day public holiday. Good thing too, as there’s lots of fun stuff going on. Check out our highlights below to see where are the places to be.


1. Michael Chiang’s Army Daze 2

Till 20 Aug

Drama Centre Theatre

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It’s the much-awaited sequel to one of Singapore’s most well-loved comedy, revolving around a subject close to the heart of every local guy, his folks and his girl – national service! With a brand new script by Michael Chiang, this is set to serve up more laughs and entertainment. Details.

Army Daze


2. Epicurean Market 2017

11 to 13 Aug, 12 pm to 2 am

Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre

What better way to mark National Day than by indulging our shared passion for food? Sample signature dishes from award-winning restos, shop for gourmet treats at the farmers’ market or enrol your kid in a junior pastry academy. Learn more.

Marina Bay Sands Epicurean Market 2017


3. Koko the Great

11 to 27 Aug

Theatre Studio Esplanade

Enter the world of Koko, a colourful kampong filled with friendly animal puppets, songs, dance and surprises. Follow him as he goes off on an adventure beyond the river, which his mother has told him never to go. More info.

Koko the Great


4. Books Box Sale 2017

Till 13 Aug, 1 pm to 6 pm

Level 3, Pansing Building

Pick, pack and buy – it’s that simple at this popular discount book fair, where you fit as many tomes as you can into a carton box and pay just $50 for the whole package. Find out more.

Generic books


5. Music Oasis at Singapore Botanic Gardens

12 Aug, 6 pm to 7 pm

Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage

Pull up a picnic mat and settle down to a relaxing evening with the Singapore Chinese Orchestra, as they perform familiar melodies that are a part of our national identity.



6. The Wee Question Mark and the Nameless – A Family Musical

Till 13 Aug

Practice Space

A fun family musical full of great songs and a whimsical, humorous narrative, this picks up the storyline of the popular first installment, The Wee Question Mark and the Adventurer. Details.

The Wee Question Mark M1 Chinese Theatre Festival


7. Cirque du Soleil KOOZA

Till 13 Aug

Marina Bay Sands

Here’s your last chance to catch the latest acrobatic and visual extravaganza by the circus of the sun, which has already wowed seven million people worldwide with its astonishing feats and memorable characters. Catch it before it ends its run here this Sunday. Learn more.

Cirque du Soleil Kooza


8. Piece of Peace World Tour Singapore 2017

Till 4 Sept

Fort Canning Arts Centre

Help your kids discover the wonders of various World Heritage Sites around the globe with a taste of them in mini form at this exhibition of fantastically detailed LEGO models. Apart from famous sights like the Great Wall of China, you can also see some Singapore-themed LEGO builds that were crowdfunded by our fellow Singaporeans. Find out more.

Pantheon at Piece of Peace World Heritage Exhibit Built With LEGO Bricks




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