Through The Lens Of Time: New Permanent Exhibition At Singapore Discovery Centre

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The newly renovated Singapore Discovery Centre’s newest exhibit Through The Lens Of Time is part of its permanent exhibits gallery. Go on a journey through time as you revisit the history of in four distinct segments enhanced by augmented reality.

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Telling stories of key moments in Singapore’s history, visitors will gain new perspectives of historical events such as the pre-colonial era and Singapore during the Japanese Occupation.

The Beginnings

Lens Of TIme Kingfisher

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Set sail on a visual journey and explore the history of Singapore. Using lights, sound and an adorable King Fisher as a guide, visitors will see hear the story of how Singapore came from their beginnings as a thriving maritime emporium to a British colonial port. The exhibition also features iconic figures such as Sang Nila Utama and others.

The Turning Point

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Get a glimpse into stories of courage and resilience amid the overwhelming hardships of war. Further subdivided into three different sections, visitors will start their journey walking through different accounts of the war from the survivor’s perspective at “Enduring The Scars Of War”.

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There is a short film exploring the horrific war through the eyes of a young girl in the “Days Of Darkness’ section.

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There are also two sections, “Resistance And Resilience” and “Undying Valour” which hope to drive the value of resilience home to all visitors who come to Through the Lens of Time.

Against All Odds (Opening Soon)

In this section of the Singapore Discovery Centre exhibition, visitors will hear the journey of our nation’s fight for independence.

In Head-to-head, visitors can find out about the ambush of Singapore’s soldiers in the dense jungles of Kota Tinggal. Other events that are covered include the Konfrotnasi at the ”relentless sabotage” section.

Building Our Foundations (Opening Soon)

Remembering milestones in Singapore’s developmental years, visitors will revisit the tragic event of the 1983 Cable Car tragedy as well as the rescue mission that went along with it. This event was marked as Singapore’s worst civil disaster since the Spyros oil tanker explosion in 1978. Other key moments will be explored in the “Our Milestones” section as well.

“We would like the visitors to view, interact and respond to some 700 years of Singapore history in a close-up and personal way.” Said Jeremiah Chong, creative director for the project.

Create a time-travelling avatar

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As with many exhibits in this day and age, you can use the mySDC app to further immerse yourself in the Singapore Discovery Centre Through the Lens Of Time exhibition by creating a time-travelling avatar and play augmented reality games and explore magic portals that you can find around the exhibit.

Guided tours are hosted by Singapore Story Guides and are available from Saturday 21 November 2020 at selected timings. Each guided tour charge is $4 and will take 45 to 60 minutes.

This exhibit is free for Singaporeans and PRs.

Check the Singapore Discovery Centre website for more details. Visitors can book their tickets at this site.

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