The White World of Siwa and Malini by Papermoon Puppet Theatre

Groundbreaking Day at The Artground
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This new production about appreciating the differences amongst people invites audiences to experience how creatures in a completely white world live their lives. Children are born without prejudice yet are taught to see differences, and that one colour is better than others. This performance tells the story of a little girl named Malini, and an old man named Siwa. They live in a world where everything is white, flat and cold. However, one day, Malini discovers that her chick has been born a different colour. Once the adults find out that other colours have appeared, they will take action.

This is an experimental non-verbal performance for children and adults.

Recommended for ages 4 and above

This programme is held in conjunction with Gallery Children’s Biennale.

Ticket Price:
$20 per adult-child pair or $30 per adult-child trio 

Tickets available through SISTIC.


Event Information

The White World of Siwa and Malini by Papermoon Puppet Theatre

Start date: 6/10/17 0:00
End date: 8/10/17 23:59

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