The Quartet Rocks the Moon

The Quartet Rocks the Moon
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Oh that bright moon, shining from 384,000 kilometres away. At a glance it seems flawless, but look closer and you’ll find that it’s not as smooth as you think! Likewise, residing in the moon palace is Chang’e, who might not be as fairy-like as you expect.

Singapore’s top radio group Yu Jian Huang Chong—consisting of Chen Biyu, Marcus Chin, Mark Lee and Dennis Chew—presents a less-known story about the moon! Join them for a comical mid-autumn night, with folk, dialect and xinyao songs, and even Qiong Yao movie themes!

Date: 15 Sep 2019
Time: 7pm & 8.15pm
Duration: 45min


Event Information

The Quartet Rocks the Moon

Start date: 15/9/19 19:00
End date: 15/9/19 21:00

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