The Kitchen Series #AhMa

Wings to Wings Minion Dance Workshop June 2017
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Embark on a journey to unearth the untold stories of our heritage with The Kitchen Series #AhMa, an immersive theatrical experience that provides participants the opportunity to share stories about their heritage through an intimate live cooking session.

This session will be hosted and moderated by Kuo Jian Hong, Artistic Director of The Theatre Practice (TTP) and will include a 3-course meal prepared using recipes from her own personal collection.

Come join in this exciting conversation and spend a meaningful weekend with an evening of food, laughter and stories.

To encourage the future generation of storytellers, there will also be a special live cooking session held for parent-child duos. This opportunity allows for a unique bonding experience, as both parent and child delves into the histories and narratives of loved ones around them, and perhaps, even themselves!

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Live cooking sessions will be hosted in English.


[General public]
Date: 21 May, Sunday
Time: 7pm

Date: 20 May, Saturday
Time: 7pm

Run-time: Approx 2 Hrs.



Event Information

The Kitchen Series #AhMa

Start date: 20/5/17 19:00
End date: 21/5/17 21:00

READ: Get Your Kids Outdoors & Learning Practical Skills in Nature