The Big Draw 2016

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Playeum’s Children’s Centre for Creativity presents its free annual event, ‘The Big Draw’!

A special free event for children aged 1 to 12 and their families, this year’s festivities at The Big Draw features free exciting activities revolving around the theme of STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.

The exciting programme line-up includes:

The Amazing Shapes Trail
Go on an adventure and hunt for different shapes around Gillman Barracks and draw all kinds of shapes in a booklet specially provided at the Children’s Centre for Creativity. Cover specific areas, collect stamps along the way, then return to Playeum to claim your special token when you have completed the activity!

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Power Up Gillman
Tinker with recycled materials and immerse yourself in an environment where paper meets electronics. Integrate circuits, add on 3D structures and personalise your creations with LED lights in this collaborative installation layout that will gradually expand as the day goes on!

Using everyday materials, parents and children can work together to create a puppet theatre to tell their favourite story.

Tell a Story Through Stop-motion Animation
In this creative workshop, children can contribute individual ideas to create a group story, then fabricate their own puppet actors, and learn to animate.

No pre-registration required for activities except for ‘Tell A Story Through Stop Motion Animation’. Advance booking is essential as places are limited for each time slot.



Event Information

The Big Draw 2016

Start date: 9/10/16 11:00
End date: 9/10/16 18:00

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