Tari Topeng: Mask Dance of Bali

Tari Topeng: Mask Dance of Bali
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An indispensable performance in any Balinese temple festival is a masked dance called the Tari TopengTopeng is considered a sacred artform, usually danced in the innermost sanctum of Balinese temples as entertainment for the gods, ancestral spirits, and human spectators. Contrary to the solemnity one might expect from ritual theatre, comedy is integral to topeng, which often comes as a character study of 3 to 4 stock characters – a prime minister, an old man, the king, and a clown that normally closes the performance.

18 Apr 2019 : 9.30pm
20 Apr 2019 : 4.45pm
21 Apr 2019 : 8pm
Venue: Esplanade Concourse
Duration: 45mins

Event Information

Tari Topeng: Mask Dance of Bali

Start date: 18/4/19 0:00
End date: 21/4/19 23:59

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