Swensen’s Christmas Feast 2023: Sharing Platters & Ice Cream Showstoppers

Swensen's Christmas Feast 2023: Sharing Platters & Ice Cream Showstoppers
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We are nearing the end of the year! It’s that time of the year again, Christmas is coming! Still undecided on what to eat for Christmas this year? Here is a suggestion: Swensen’s new Christmas menu! Swensen’s is all ready for the holidays with new dishes that add to the holly jolly atmosphere. 

Swensen’s Festive Menu 2023

The festive menu is available from 8 November 2023 to 3 January 2024. The prices shown in this article are subject to service charge (dine-in)


Swensen's Festive Menu 2023

The first dish I tried was the Mushroom Fettuccine ($18.90). It was served with just enough mushrooms to go with the fettuccine and a savoury sauce that went well with the dish.

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The sauce is oil-based, so it is not too heavy, and it contains a small amount of spice. I don’t usually eat spicy food and I didn’t find this too spicy so for those who are used to spicy food you probably won’t think it is spicy.

Next up, are the three platters. They are definitely enough for a family of four. 

Poultry Platter

First, the Poultry Platter ($41.90). This is a platter for meat lovers. It was only chicken but there was such a variety of food. It includes bratwurst sausages, snail sausages, half hickory BBQ chicken, ham. The meat was not too salty but nicely seasoned. It was also served with an accompanying Tuscan tomato sauce. The sauce is light and adds some flavour to the chicken.

Ocean Catch Platter

The second platter is the Ocean Catch Platter ($41.90). This platter includes poached butterfly king prawns, salmon fillets, squid, and breaded scallops. The seafood was fresh, and the prawns were big. The salmon was well seasoned and had crispy skin nothing was wasted. It came with smoked chilli chimichurri sauce which didn’t leave much of an impression on me. Both these platters are accompanied by crispy fried sweet potato and some fresh vegetables.

Beef Lasagne Platter

The final Platter is the Beef Lasagne Platter ($35.90). This cheesy dish is surprisingly smooth. It consists of minced meat, moreish tomato sauce, mixed cheeses, and grated Parmesan. The different layers are well balanced, and the beef was nice.


After enjoying the main meal it’s time for dessert! As the saying goes there is always space for dessert.

I got to try new four items introduced to their menu alongside their popular More S’mores. The ice-cream was all well decorated it felt like a shame to dig in. Here’s what I got to try.

Affogato with Honeycomb

First is their Affogato with Honeycomb ($7.80). It is a single sco0p of honeycomb ice cream served atop a base of strawberry sauce, topped with whipped cream a, mini honeycomb chocolate bar and hot chocolate fudge.  It’s the perfect size for one person. The taste of the affogato is quite strong.

The other desserts seem to be made for sharing as the portions are fairly big.

One of them, is the Créme Brûlée ($13.80). This dish is a tower made with coco pops as the base and two scoups of créme brûlée ice cream topped with whipped cream, mini marshmallows, and a sour blast apple candy tree. I personally found the ice cream a little too sweet for my liking.

Snowscape Wonderland

The next new dessert is the Snowscape Wonderland ($13.80). A generous scoop of chocolate ice cream and créme brûlée ice cream sits atop a thick toast accompanied by a sour candy tree, pretzels diced almonds and strawberries.

The toast is a little difficult to cut and gets pretty messy, but it is worth it. The toast is soft and chewy and goes very well with the ice cream and other toppings.

Snowie is Comin’

The final item served is Snowie is Comin’ ($12.80). It is presented with a.chimney surrounded by three scoops of ice cream (– affogato with honeycomb, créme brûlée, chocolate), strawberries, marshmallows and a sour candy tree. Before, you start there is a mini dry ice performance.

Have a Jolly Season with Swensen’s Christmas Catalogue!

If you would rather eat at home, worry not, bring the festivities to your home with Swensen’s Christmas catalogue available for you to check out online. If you are looking for log cakes or just festive cakes Swensen’s has also prepared a variety of ice cream cakes for the season.

Wishing you and your family happy holidays and a good end to the year.

Swensen’s also has a few on-going promotions:

Early Bird Special: 1 November 2023 to 10 December 2023
Post-Early Bird Special: 11 December 2023 to 3 January 2024


  • 15% off Christmas Cakes (Early Bird Special)
  • 10% off Christmas Cakes (Post Early Bird Special)


  • 10% off Christmas Cakes (Early Bird Special)
  • 5% off Christmas Cakes (Post Early Bird Special)

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