Superfly Kids Camps: Kids Movement & Performing Arts Camps

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Let kids explore their potential and kickstart their journey of self-discovery through movement and performing arts


Superfly Monkey Dragons Kids Dance Camp Boy 670 415

A fun holiday dance camp that introduces kids to various dance styles – hip hop, contemporary, jazz, musical theatre, and more! They will learn the fundamentals of dance, focusing on isolations, spatial awareness, proprioception, flexibility and strength.

Taught by passionate instructors who are trained and graduates of Lasalle College of the Arts.

What they will learn:
– Introduction and exploration of various styles including hip hop, jazz, contemporary and musical theatre
– Introduction to jazz and ballet technique
– Exploration of different musical rhythms and performance quality of various dance and music styles
– An understanding of how to safely warm up and cool down their bodies before and after exercise

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– Improve coordination, strength, and flexibility
– Heighten spatial and proprioception awareness
– Encourages and supports creativity and confidence
– Improve musicality and rhythm

* Camps are 5 and 3 days
* Mornings 9am-11am
* Starting every Monday during the School holidays from the 4th June (till 30th July)
* Location – TBC – Studio in Bugis Area



Ages 9-12

A fun musical theatre holiday camp for budding performers to explore their acting, singing, and dancing skills in musical theatre. The musical theatre camp will introduce students to the skills required to be a “triple threat” – a performer proficient in singing, acting and dancing at the same time! All skill levels welcomed!

What they will learn:
– Songs and scenes from many well-known musicals including Hamilton, Newsies, West Side Story, The Greatest Showman, and more!
– Vocal technique required for singing and speaking on stage
– Character development and acting beats
– Introduction to musical theatre dance

– Improve vocal health (on and off stage)
– Improve physical stamina for singing and dancing
– Build confidence and Creativity
– Increased empathy and understanding of others

* TBC – Studio in Bugis Area
* Times 9am-12pm*
* Starting every Monday during the School holidays from the 4th June (till 30th July)



Superfly Monkey Dragons Parkour Camp Group 670 415

A special camp program for kids during the hoilday season designed to give a complete and immersive introduction to parkour – the art of movement. The parkour camp will provide fundamentals of parkour training and what it means to move focusing on key components of parkour, like jumping, climbing, vaulting, balancing and landing.

What they will learn:
– Landing Basics
– Breaking Falls – Rolls and other break fall techniques
– Jumping Fundamentals
– Vaulting – overcoming medium height obstacles
– Climbing – Overcoming high obstacles
– Rail Balancing

– Improve Co-ordination
– Improve Functional Fitness
– Great awareness of self and surroundings
– Greater creativity
– Develop Self Confidence
– Improved body and mind intelligence

Safety is always our number one priority. Kids will learn to understand their body, their capabilities as well as their limits. Learning parkour actually makes them safer, as they become stronger, more co-ordinated and more resilient, along with learning specific techniques for breaking falls.

* Parkour 2 hour – 9am-11am, 1-3pm and 3-5pm Slots
* Pakrour 3 hour – 9am-12pm
* Parkour Full Day – 9am-3pm
* starting from 28th May 2018, till 3rd August.



Learn How to Flip with Singapore’s First Learn 2 Flip Kids Camp!

Superfly Monkey Dragons Flips Camp 670 415

Superfly Monkey Dragons are excited to bring you a 5 day course focused on helping your child master the fundamentals of front and back flips!

This course is designed for complete beginners (both girls and boys) and those looking to clean up their technique. Coaches will guide your child to develop their strength, power and co-ordination through conditioning exercises, and specific movements to help them master the essential movements required for front, back and side flips.

Give your child the awesome feeling of mastering their body through the movement of flips today!

Who is the course for?
– Complete Beginners (girls and boys) or those with some experience.
– Children from age of 8. If your child is younger and would like to learn get in contact with us so we may assess suitability.

* 9th-13th July (1-3pm)
* 23rd-29th July (1-3pm)
* 5, 3 and 1 Day Camps Available.

* Parkour 9am-12pm in the mornings followed by Flips 1-3pm in the Afternoon

Camp will be conducted at Kraken Parkour Gym Located on the second floor of office building at #02-05 – 1 Peminpin Drive, Singapore 576151

For enquiries about the camps, please email

Event Information

Superfly Kids Camps: Kids Movement & Performing Arts Camps

Start date: 28/5/18 9:00
End date: 3/8/18 15:00

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