StoryFest 2018: The Magic of Storytelling with Children

StoryFest 2018: The Magic of Storytelling with Children
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This workshop will introduce practical tips and techniques on how to engage with young audiences between ages 4 to 8 years.

For many people who work with children, storytelling can feel like a terrifying proposal. This workshop is ideal for those new to storytelling, looking to improve their confidence or those who wish to find ways to better incorporate it into their work. It offers practical solutions for engaging a young audience, including how to use your voice, facial expressions and physicality to keep the children at the heart of the story.

Participants will be taken on a journey of discovery and explore diverse strategies for group engagement. Using a combination of storytelling, hands-on activities and discussion, the workshop will explore the process of choosing the right kind of stories for children and methods of ensuring children play an important role in the storytelling process.

Recommended for:
– Parents & Caregivers
– Teachers & Educators
– Counselling & Therapy
– Storytellers
– Librarians
– Community Facilitators

Ticket Price: $20

Event Information

StoryFest 2018: The Magic of Storytelling with Children

Start date: 2/6/18 11:00
End date: 2/6/18 13:00

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