SkyParc @ Dawson Playground: Eco-Jungle Adventure With Local Wildlife

SkyParc @ Dawson Playground - Woodland Inspired Play Spot
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Inspired by a woodland habitat, the SkyParc at Dawson Playground is a play spot which aims to blend in with natural environment. The timber playground provides kids with various elements to explore and have fun, while showcasing local fauna.

Eco-Jungle Adventure Playground

Th SkyParc @ Dawson Playground consists of play elements that cater to two age groups, 2 to 5 year olds and 6 to 12 year olds.

Eco-Jungle Adventure Playground

The younger age set can play make-believe at a little wooden playhouse.

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Spring Rider

There is a seesaw for two, and a spring rider for solo kids as well.

Play Tower at SkyParc @ Dawson Playground

Older kids can climb up the wooden tower. There are three tiers of wooden platforms to conquer with cargo nets providing access upwards.

Rope Bridge

A set of rope bridges are linked to the wooden tower. Sections of the rope bridges were under maintenance when we visited.

Low Hill Slide

A low hill slide offers gravity-powered fun too with another rope bridge nearby.

Local Animal Sculptures

Local Animal Sculptures at Dawson

A distinctive feature of the SkyParc @ Dawson Playground are the wooden sculptures of local Singapore wildlife, perched on posts around the space.

Pangolin Sculpture

Look out for the Spotted Wood Owl, Oriental Pied Hornbill, Sunda Pangolin and Sunda Slow Loris around the woodland-themed playground.

Bee houses

Overall, the SkyParc @ Dawson Playground blends in with the rest of the estate which includes mature trees and has features to attract wildlife.

SkyParc @ Dawson Playground at the Roof Garden

The Eco-Jungle Adventure playground is not the only children’s playground at SkyParc at Dawson.

SkyParc @ Dawson Playground at the Roof Garden

On the rooftop of the multi-storey car park, there are two other children’s playgrounds – one for toddlers and another for older kids.

Curtain of roots

These are separated by passageways with curtains of hanging roots.

Playground at SkyTerrace at Dawson

Across the street at SkyTerrace @ Dawson, there is also another children’s playground, just beside Alexandra Canal Linear Park.

Across Dawson Road at Dawson Vista is the Alice in Wonderland playground too!

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