Singapore Youth Festival 2017 Art Exhibition

The Art Retreat Museum
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The Singapore Youth Festival Art Exhibition, in its 49th year in 2017, celebrates the artist in every child. It showcases children’s creative ideas, personal aspirations and hard work put into artistic expressions.

The 2017 Exhibition features 513 artworks by over 3000 students from our primary schools, special education schools and Singapore International School (Hong Kong). It is a tribute to the deep learning and rich experience our students gain through the art curriculum in schools.

The theme for this year, Artist and Space invites our student artists to imagine, inquire and discover many ways to interpret and express the concept of ‘space’. In the process, they found inspiration from people, places, objects within their environments and created artworks that are personal and meaningful to them.


Event Information

Singapore Youth Festival 2017 Art Exhibition

Start date: 6/7/17 10:00
End date: 16/7/17 22:00

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