Singapore Science Festival

Singapore Science Festival
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The Singapore Science Festival invites all persons who love to inquire, imagine and invent to make the future brighter for all of us. This means everyone who is always curious about the latest scientific developments, and who dares to dream about creating the next scientific breakthrough in Singapore and the world.

Join in a range of programmes that provides exciting and engaging time for kids, youths, professionals and families!

Highlights include:

  • Xperiment! – A three-day science carnival which celebrates the developments and research work in the field of science and technology. Great for both kids and families, expect to watch awe-inspiring science demonstrations and have fun with hands-on experiments managed by some of Singapore’s most outstanding research and tertiary institutions.
  • Science Buskers Festival – Organised as a competition, the event serves as an excellent platform to spread key messages relating to the importance of inspiring an interest in science. During the competition, contestants will be busking for the public’s vote.
  • STAR Lecture: “How to survive in space” by Dr Kevin Fong – Go on a space adventure with Dr. Fong as he takes you on a journey from planet Earth into Low Earth Orbit and beyond. Suitable for students aged 13 to 18 years old.
  • Bioethics Festival: Child’s Play by The Necessary Stage – Three families have to make a difficult choice: should they allow their children to go through a clinical trial?


Event Information

Singapore Science Festival

Start date: 15/7/16 0:00
End date: 5/8/16 23:59

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