Singapore Science Festival 2019

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Jointly organised by the Agency for Science, Technology & Research (A*STAR) and Science Centre Singapore, the Singapore Science Festival is an annual national event that celebrates the role science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) plays in shaping our lives and in sculpting our future.

The festival invites all persons who love to inquire, imagine and invent to make the future brighter for all of us. This means everyone who is always curious about the latest scientific developments, and who dares to dream about creating the next scientific breakthrough in Singapore and the world.


Science Buskers Festival (Grand Finals)
30 – 31 Aug 2019
10am to 6pm
Plaza Singapura, Outdoor Plaza
The buskers come together and vie for your vote as they compete to win the champion title of this competition. The Science Buskers Festival encompasses the idea of developing the individual’s communication skills through expressions of science in creative manners.

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The Magical Math & Science Show
30 – 31 Aug 2019
Eddie Goldstein’s Magical Math and Science Show is the perfect way to turn kids and adults on to science.This show will provide a unique combination of scientific demonstrations, intriguing explanations, and sleight of hand magic. Not only will you learn some science, you will have fun, fun, fun.

2D Stack Art Workshop
30 Aug 2019
2pm – 5:30pm
Digital Fabrication Space, Level 2, Science Centre Singapore
Create visually appealing 3D art from simple 2D structures in the 2D Stack Art Workshop. Suitable for ages 14 and above.

Tangram and Packaging Workshop
31 Aug 2019
9am – 12:30pm
Digital Fabrication Space, Level 2, Science Centre Singapore
Be a packaging whiz and learn the basics of CAD to produce a tangram puzzle and its packaging.

Special Science Show by Royal Institution
10 – 14 Sep 2019
Science Centre Singapore and Fusionopolis One
Brought to you all the way from the United Kingdom by Royal Institution, catch an exciting science spectacle featuring a host of live demonstrations sure to excite you! Suitable for ages 5 and above.

“The Impossible” Science Show by Jason Latimer
12 Sep 2019, 4pm
Maxwell Auditorium, HALL B, Science Centre Singapore
Famed American magician Jason Latimer shows you the secret to “The Impossible” from bending light to shaping water. Suitable for ages 5 and above.


Event Information

Singapore Science Festival 2019

Start date: 30/8/19 0:00
End date: 14/9/19 23:59

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