Singapore City Gallery: Interactive Exhibits Reveal What It Takes To Make A City Tick

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A visit to the recently revamped Singapore City Gallery was an eye-opener. It revealed how much vision, thought and planning goes into sculpting Singapore’s future and preserving our built heritage.

The free gallery at URA Centre spans three floors and provides a window into the city planning process. Having recently undergone a revamp, it has now been refreshed with new exhibits and interactive elements.

A Vision for Tomorrow

Understanding the urban planning processAt level two, we entered the Singapore City Gallery and were immediately immersed into a multimedia room filled with ever-changing visuals of Singapore. Interactive screens located around the room introduced us to the aspirations that the urban renewal process needs to balance and account for.

A short flight of stairs brought us up to level three where the permanent collection continues.

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Display of planning for a city-stateAn exhibit along a corridor provided us with a visual overview of Singapore’s development from the early colonial days to more recent times.

Overview of Singapore's CBDHere, we also got our first view of the architectural model of the CBD, one floor below.

Uncovering the City

“Small Island, Big Plans” aptly described the next section of the Singapore City Gallery. Ever since the Jackson Plan was formulated the early 1820s, urban planning, to different degrees, has been a part of Singapore’s DNA.

With land scarcity in Singapore, very little is left to chance when it comes to space use. Planning is essential to ensure that the city works well for those who live in it.

Interactive exhibit at revamped Singapore City GalleryAt the revamped Singapore City Gallery, we got to understand more about the infrastructural networks that run under the city through a short interactive multimedia show.

Interactive exhibits at revamped Singapore City Gallery 2019Interactive displays invited exploration of how the city works.

However, a city is made up of more than just buildings and infrastructure and the human element is not left out at the Singapore City Gallery. There is a zone where visitors are invited to share what they would like to see in the future Singapore as well – and how it can be made to be a great place to live.

Singapore’s Built Heritage

Singapore's Built HeritageThe past is not forgotten either. Those who are interested in how Singapore’s built heritage is being preserved can learn more through interactive exhibits and miniature scale models.

Admire the model at Singapore City GalleryReturning back down to the second floor gave us a chance to admire the Singapore’s CBD model we had spotted earlier.

Of Maps & Models

Maps galleryAlso part of the permanent exhibition at Singapore City Gallery is an exhibit about maps. Featuring historical maps and scale models, it provided a look at how maps act as markers of the past.

We ended off our visit to the Singapore City Gallery on level one where there were temporary exhibits and a scale model of the entire Singapore.

By this time, we had gained a new appreciation for the immense effort and planning required to create a city that truly works.

Singapore City Gallery

Where: URA Centre
When: Monday to Saturday, 9 am to 5 pm, Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays
Free Admission

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