Sentosa Sandsation: MARVEL Edition – Super Hero themed Fun, Free Activities And More At Southeast Asia’s Largest Sand Festival

Sentosa Sandsation: MARVEL Edition
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This September school holidays 2018, Super Hero sized fun has landed at The State of Fun with Sentosa Sandsation: MARVEL Edition.

Be amazed by magnificent sand sculptures at Southeast Asia’s biggest sand festival, have a go at MARVEL-themed activities and enjoy tons of fun around Sentosa during the one-week school holiday break and beyond.

Super Hero Sand Sculptures

When: 1 to 16 September 2018, 10 am to 9 pm daily
Where: Siloso Beach

Sentosa Sandsation: MARVEL EditionIron Man, Thor, Hulk and other popular Super Heroes are making a stand at Sentosa Sandsation: MARVEL Edition.

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Sentosa Sandsation: MARVEL Edition
Sentosa Sandsation: MARVEL Edition’s Creative Director JOOheng Tan with his Iron Man sand sculpture.

The towering sand sculptures at Siloso Beach are the work of internationally-acclaimed Singaporean sand artist JOOheng Tan and his team of 15 sculptors. Over 10 days, they have carved out towering tributes to the MARVEL universe with nothing more than just sand and water.

And with the sand art’s fluid lines and well-chiselled looks, it is hard to believe that the Super Hero sculptures are nothing more than compacted grains of sand. Looking at them, you’d half-expect the real Super Heroes to come bursting out at any time.

Sentosa Sandsation: MARVEL Edition

The level of detail on each of the 15 sand sculptures is nothing short of amazing.

Sentosa Sandsation: MARVEL Edition

Ant-Man looks ready to swoop in and save the day.


Sentosa Sandsation: MARVEL EditionThe whole gang from Guardians of the Galaxy is at the party too!

Sentosa Sandsation: MARVEL EditionOne of the most impressive sculptures is Thor and Asgard. Standing at 5.9 metres tall, this towering sand art can’t help but impress.

Sentosa Sandsation: MARVEL EditionIt is not just the good guys who are represented at Sentosa Sandsation: MARVEL Edition. Everyone’s favourite super-villain Thanos is at the sand festival, looking particularly menacing with the Infinity Gauntlet firmly in his grasp.

And there’s more.

Sentosa Sandsation: MARVEL Edition

From 1 to 3 September 2018, 14 world-class sand sculptors will also be competing for top honours in the Sentosa International Sand Sculpting Championship.

In a MARVEL-inspired sand face-off, these talented artists will be creating another series of astounding sand art pieces, bringing the total number of sand sculptures at Sentosa Sandsation: MARVEL Edition to 29!

Sentosa Sandsation: MARVEL EditionFor the first time, visitors can watch these sculptors work, creating beautiful art out of piles of sand. One of these sand masters will get to take home the Golden Shovel Award and the prize money of US$5,000.

As a bonus, admission to Sentosa Sandsation: MARVEL Edition is absolutely free!

Take on MARVEL-themed Challenges

When: 1 to 16 September 2018, 10 am to 9 pm daily
Where: Siloso Beach

During the September school holidays and up till 16 September 2018, you can also look forward to exciting MARVEL-themed activities at the beach.

Sentosa Sandsation: MARVEL Edition - Hulk Smash station.Unleash your inner strongman at the Hulk Smash station.

Sentosa Sandsation: MARVEL Edition - Hulk Smash stationPut on a pair of green Hulk hands, let out your best war cry and smash your hands down.

Watch as the ground splits apart in front of you to find out how you stack up against the Green One.

Sentosa Sandsation: MARVEL Edition - Hero Action CentreGo to the Freeze Frame Station where you can show off signature Super Hero move and have it captured in a unique 180-degree photo. Finally, now you can have proof of your super powers!

Sentosa Sandsation: MARVEL Edition - uncover which MARVEL Super Hero you are

At the Hero Action Centre, this is where you can uncover which MARVEL Super Hero you are destined to be.

Limited Edition MARVEL Comic BookA Limited Edition Singapore-themed MARVEL Comic Book was specially commissioned for Sentosa Sandsation: MARVEL Edition. This features the Super Heroes in Singapore doing battle against a backdrop of famous local landmarks. Fans will definitely want to get their hands on this limited edition comic book (while stocks last).

You will need to redeem Tokens to participate in Hulk Smash and the Freeze Frame Station. Each Token allows for either one-time play of Hulk Smash, one-time use of the Freeze Frame or the redemption of the Limited Edition MARVEL Comic Book.

One Token can be redeemed with every $50 spent at Sentosa with up to a maximum of three combined same-day receipts. Or you can purchase Sandsation Attraction Pass Package and receive 2 Tokens! Redeem your Tokens at the Redemption Booth located at Sentosa Sandsation: MARVEL Edition.

Sand Sculpting Workshops

When: 1 to 16 September 2018, 11 am, 2 pm & 5 pm
Where: Siloso Beach

Sentosa Sandsation: MARVEL Edition - Sand Sculpting Workshops

Inspired by the sand sculptures at Sentosa Sandsation: MARVEL Edition?

Kids can pick up tools and learn how to create their own super-duper sand art too.

Sentosa Sandsation: MARVEL Edition - Sand Sculpting Workshops

Master sand sculptors will be conducting workshops for kids aged 5 years old and above from 1 to 16 September. The sand sculpting workshop will start off with a demonstration of different techniques, after which, participants will get unleash their creative superpowers on their own pile of sand.

Sentosa Sandsation: MARVEL Edition - Sand Sculpting WorkshopsThe 45-minute sand sculpting workshops are free. Spaces per session are limited and there is capacity for only 10 groups per workshop, up to a maximum of three participants per group. Register onsite to participate in the workshops.

Movies by the Beach

When: 2 to 6, 7 to 9, & 15 to 16 September 2018, 7.45 pm
Where: Palawan Green, except 6 September at Palawan Kidz City, Level 3, Rooftop Terrace

Sentosa Sandsation: MARVEL Edition - Sand Sculpting Workshops - Sentosa Movies By The Beach

After a day of fun at the beach, there no better way to chill out than lazing about and watching a FREE movie! Settle down with family and friends to enjoy some awesome evening entertainment to end off the day.

Movies by the Beach will be held at Palawan Green on 2 to 5, 7 to 9 and 15 to 16 September and at Palawan KidZ City, Level 3, Rooftop Terrace, on 6 September.

Beachfront Dining at Trapizza

Sentosa Sandsation: MARVEL Edition - Sand Sculpting Workshops - TrapizzaIf you’ve worked up an appetite and are looking for a new restaurant to check out, pay a visit to Trapizza. This casual Italian eatery has been recently renovated and is located at Siloso Beach, right next to Sentosa Sandsation: MARVEL Edition.

Sentosa Trapizza Water Play AreaBoth kids and adults will fall in love with the wood-fired, thin-crust pizzas and hearty Italian dishes at this family-friendly restaurant. There is even a water play area for little diners too!

Bon Appetito!

Nature with a Difference at Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom

Sentosa Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom

After seeing the sand version of Ant-man and Spider-man at Sentosa Sandsation: MARVEL Edition, get an up-close look at real-life insects just a short distance away at the Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom. This attraction at Imbiah Lookout lifts the veil on the fascinating world of insects. Step into the world of fluttering butterflies and other six-legged creatures such as stick insects, beetles and scorpions at Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom.

FREE Entry to Sentosa

As if you need any more reason to spend the September school holidays 2018 at Sentosa, you’d be happy to know that all Singapore citizens and local residents get to enjoy free entry to Sentosa from 1 to 16 September 2018.

To enter by the Sentosa Express, just tap your EZ-Link card on the entry gantry at VivoCity. Those driving Singapore-registered cars will be able to drive in for free!

This means that you can spend a wonderful day out at Sentosa, everyday!

Sentosa Sandsation

See you at Sentosa during the September school holidays 2018!

Sentosa Sandsation: MARVEL Edition

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