School Bags In Singapore: Where And What To Buy

School Bags In Singapore: Where And What To Buy
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Maybe it is your child’s first school bag or perhaps the old one just needs replacing. Whatever the case, it is time to go shopping for school bags in Singapore.

We round up some suggestions of where you can buy school bags in Singapore. Choose sturdy school bags that can hold books and stationery well, plus support your child’s back. We have also included options for ergonomic school bags. 

How to Choose a School Bag

First up, how do you choose a quality school bag? We have some guidelines to share. An ill-fitted bag that is too heavy, too bulky can cause poor posture when carrying the bags. Given that some schools ban trolley school bags, children ages 7 to 12 will need to carry their bags to and fro school. 

Since their bodies are still developing, it is necessary to puchase bags that can support the child’s back and growth positively. The measurements of the bag should be taken in proportion to the children’s height and weight. Health Promotion Board recommends that children carry no more than 15 per cent of their body weight. The bag should also distribute the weight evenly on the shoulders and hips, if there is a waist strap. The child should not feel pain or hunch when carrying the bag.

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Qualities of a Quality School Bag:

Size of bag – The bag should be able to contain school books and other necessary school supplies such as stationery and art materials. It must sit comfortably above the child’s waistline. 

Material – Avoid backpacks that use heavy materials such as leather that can add significant weight to the load. Materials to choose include Polyester and Nylon. These are also water-resistant. 

Padding – Ensure the bag has sufficient padding to cushion the weight of the bag. Comfort is essential especially if the child has to carry the bag for an extended time. Padding also prevents chafing which happens when friction between the fabric and skin results in irritation or inflammation. 

Pockets & Compartments – There should be sufficient functional compartments inside and outside the bag. Slots, zippered compartments and mesh side pouches can help with organising of the child’s belongings. This helps with organisation and reduces time needed to search of items. For instance, the water bottle and wallet should have their own compartments. 

Shopping For School Bags in Singapore

1. Jansport

Jansport - Where to Buy School Bags in Singapore

Jansport is our personal favourite brand for school bags in Singapore. These come in various sizes and designs and make great general purpose bags. One thing to take note of in relation to Jansport bags is that not all of them come with the netted pocket by the side can be used to carry a water bottle on the outside. If this feature is important to you, you may wish to consider Jansport’s Big Student Backpack ($69) which has two main compartments, plus the side pocket. 

2. Dr Kong

Dr Kong

Dr Kong may be best known for its “healthy” footware products but, as a brand that focuses on spine health, it also sells pressure free school bags. These bags range from small to extra large size. Dr Kong’s school bags come in a variety of designs and are said to reduce neck, shoulder and back pressure. These school bags cost between $39.90 to $89.90. If you are keen to try the Dr Kong school bags in Singapore, there are Dr Kong store locations in The Seletar Mall, Northpoint City, Changi City Point, JEM and Causeway Point.


IMPACT School Bags

IMPACT is another brand that offers spinal protection school bags. These bags are generally lightweight to reduce stress on the spine while promoting better posture. One of the bag’s features is large zippered openings – to make it easier to access the books stored inside. IMPACT bags typically retail around $100 and up. To try out these school bags in Singapore, visit Ergoworks showrooms at Marina Square and Centrepoint. 

4. Smiggle

Smiggle bag
Image: Smiggle 

Smiggle backpacks are highly popular because of their cute and colourful designs. The backpacks, which can serve as school bags, range from around $40 to $60. These bags come with zipper compartments and adjustable shoulder straps. A plus point for your child who is a fan of their cute designs is that they can get Smiggle stationery to go along with the bag. A drawback is that your child runs the risk of encountering other students with the same Smiggle bag in school!

Find out more from the Smiggle website

5. Eagle Creek

Eagle Creek school bags come in a variety of designs ranging from smaller day packs to larger backpacks. They are quite hardy and able to last for a long time (one of our team members recall them lasting all six years of her primary school days). Prices range from around $80 to $130. You can get them at shops such as Planet Traveller.

6. Anello


Anello bags are pretty trendy. Hailing from Japan, the backpacks, with their distinctive zippered design, allow easy access to the contents within. Anello bags can be purchased from major retailers around Singapore.

7. One Polar from Ergoworks

One Polar school bag
Image: Ergoworks

OnePolar is suitable for older children and adults. It is a lightweight backpack that promotes posture care and spinal health. It comes with compartments for the laptop. It is roomy, has multiple organizer compartments and made with water resistant Nylon. 

Purchase here

8. Ergobag

Image: Ergobag

Ergobags are high-end bags that incorporate back support frams for optimum weight distribution. The technology is found in high-end trekking backpacks with the idea originating in Cologne, Germany. This brand of school bags has a sophisticated load-carrying system and can be customised with Kletties, Zip sets, Hangies and Zippies. It is also sustainably made from recycled PET bottles. 

Head to the showroom at Wheelock place or purchase online here

9. Deuter Genius

Image: Ergoworks

Deuter Genius Ergonomic School Bags have ventilation channels and breathable 3D Airmesh that reduces prespiration. Its ergonomic designs feature paddings for small backs giving support and weight control. It also has padded shoulder straps and hip belts. 

Purchase here

10. Materns

Materns School Bag
Image: Materns

The 2nd generation design of our Materns Mistencare ergonomic primary school bag is designed with the comfort and safety of the child in mind. The Mistencare primary school bag is suitable for kids between the height of 1m to 1.4m. The improved padded backrest of school bag distributes weight evenly, reducing shoulder strain by up to 43%.

Buy it here

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