SAFRA Punggol Open House – #PGThrowback

Generous Deals and Fun-Filled Activities Await At The Philips Carnival
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Remember those days when technology was not as advanced and readily available? What were your favourite pastimes then?

SAFRA Punggol walks you down memory lane, back to the past in Singapore, reliving the nostalgic moments and sweet memories that you may have once witnessed or experienced.

Join us for a series of thoughtfully curated heritage activities, games and snacks that is sure to bring you fond memories of the past. For parents, it is a golden opportunity to share some aspects of life back in the 70’s and 80’s with your little ones; share the good old times and appreciate the transition and developments achieved from your generation to theirs.

SAFRA members enjoy added perks with hourly giveaways, goodie bags and more ! While it is free for all to attend, in order to truly look back into the 70’s and 80’s by participating and getting involved, consider purchasing carnival coupons booklet at $5 for SAFRA members and $10 for Guests. Get to participate at the games booths, such as Goli and Hopscotch or redeem traditional snacks, which includes old-timey favourites, Tutu Kuehs and Sng Baos (Ice Popsicle)!

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Purchase the carnival coupon booklet to enjoy a wide variety of nostalgic games, activities and food items.

Venue: SAFRA Punggol, Level 3, Atrium

Free admission.


Games From Yesteryear
Five Stones, Pick-up Sticks, Goli Marbles, Hopscotch. These childhood games will probably ring a bell among parents and may even evoke warm and fuzzy memories.

Put aside those electronic gadgets and handheld devices because these traditional games are a trip down memory lane for adults, while the kids learn and appreciate what their parents used to enjoy as a pastime.

What’s more, we’re reliving the Toa Payoh Dragon Playground in the form of a bouncy castle that is sure to bring back that nostalgic rush from your childhood heyday! Get your kids jumping with joy as we throwback to our nostalgic playground like no other!


Munchies of the Past
Remember the Kacang Puteh seller who used to park near the cinema entrance in the past?

How about the Iced Gem Biscuits with colourful icing gems atop the crunchy biscuit bottom that are usually sold in metal biscuit tins at most provision shops?

And the all-time favourite colourful Sng Bao (Ice Popsicle) and Potong Ice Cream that seem all so welcoming on a hot day after playing under the scorching sun?

Undoubtedly, these old school snacks and treats are a rarity nowadays. But not at SAFRA Punggol Open House because we are bringing back these good ol’ savouries!



Event Information

SAFRA Punggol Open House – #PGThrowback

Start date: 22/4/17 11:00
End date: 23/4/17 18:00

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