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This year, RSN celebrates 50 years of being a committed, strong and ready maritime force for our maritime nation, Singapore.

Come join us as we bring our Golden Jubilee celebrations to you, and enjoy the chance to learn more about the importance of the sea, and how the RSN has played a vital role for the defence of Singapore since we first raised our naval ensign in 1967.

From 9 to 12 November 2017, one of our Formidable-class frigates, RSS Intrepid, will lower her gangway at VivoCity Promenade. Visitors can either explore the warship, or take a thrilling ride on board the Fast Craft Utility (FCU) through Keppel Harbour.

The festivities don’t stop there: head inside VivoCity to learn more about Singapore’s maritime history, witness our high-end capabilities and experience RSN life through weapon displays and simulators. Finally, don’t miss out on the performances by the Naval Diving Unit, plus precision drills by the National Cadet Corps (Sea) cadets!

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Highlights of the RSN50 Exhibition

– Exhibits: Travel back in time to the early days of RSN and watch it grow with the nation! See the Navy’s latest weapons and equipment!

– Simulators: Fend off a small boat threat as the crew of a warship, or be part of an attack mission as a submarine crew.

– Performances: An incredible showcase of strength and endurance by our naval divers and much more.

– Photo Booth: Dress up as a Navy officer, take a snapshot and bring the memento home.

– Be a Sailor: Take on the role of a Navy personnel. Be a sea marshal or part of the surgical team on a warship.

– Ceremonial Sunset: Witness one of the oldest naval tradition still practiced around the world.


Event Information


Start date: 9/11/17 0:00
End date: 12/11/17 23:59

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