Roald Dahl’s Propsposterous Playtime

Roald Dahl's Propsposterous Playtime
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Explore your favourite Dahl characters and plots through crazy and creative hands-on activities and exhibits at Roald Dahl’s Propsposterous Playtime at Playeum’s Children’s Centre for Creativity. A delightful (and delicious!) Dahl extravaganza, this literary feast will capture the imagination of all children aged 3 – 12 and their parents!

For this one day, the new hands-on exhibition at the Children’s Centre for Creativity, ‘A World Full of Stories’, will be transformed into an homage for Dahl’s crazy words, characters, plots and settings. Choose your favourite character and make a puppet, add Dahl detail to the Chalk Wall, pick out Dahl’s wonderful made-up words to create your own poem, and add new mixed up words to the fun. Use favourite characters to make new stories, or enact the ones you already know and love. 


Make A Giant Peach 
Transform Playeum’s geodesic dome into James’ giant peach! Get active and messy with this hands-on activity, mixing and painting the colour peach onto the dome. Then, make the insects and spider that are James’ companions, out of bamboo, cane, clay, card and paint. 

Dress Up in the Big Friendly Giant’s Clothes
This dressing up experience literally lets you step into the shoes of the BFG!

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Make Your Own Chocolate Bars and Sweets
Make your own (non-edible) chocolate bar and sweets. Recreate the memorable sweets and candies from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to take home. 

Make A Marvellous Medicine
Concoct your own marvellous medicine with test tubes, using food dyes, sand, glue, oil and more!


Event Information

Roald Dahl’s Propsposterous Playtime

Start date: 26/11/16 10:00
End date: 26/11/16 18:00

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