River Safari: Tales of Fearsome River Creatures

River Safari: Tales of Fearsome River Creatures
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River Safari has been taken over by fearsome creatures, both big and small.

Joining forces with Lockdown Singapore—Singapore’s leading Escape Game provider—River Safari is turning into a giant board game ruled by these fearsome river creatures; brave adventurers must save themselves, and they win a Pin of Honour when the quest is completed.

Designed for the family, adventurers can form groups of up to six participants to solve puzzles to escape. Pick up interesting information about these fearsome river creatures—such as the Green Anaconda and Tiger Fish—along the way! If that does not satiate your thirst for knowledge, sail along the river banks and discover fun and fascinating facts during our feeding sessions for the Giant River Otter, Red-bellied Piranha and Electric Eel.


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River Lockdown
An ancient board game has been discovered at River Safari. Play the role of an adventurer stuck in time and come face-to-face with fearsome river creatures as you attempt to escape in this exciting game quest.

Get your tickets via the Lockdown Singapore links below
17 Nov 2018:

18 Nov 2018:

Dates: 24 Nov – 30 Dec 2018#
Timings: 10am to 5pm
# Usual River Safari admission applies

River Trails – The Fearsome Edition
Every fearsome river creature has a story to tell. Are you ready for an adventure? Discover fun facts and fascinating urban legends along the riverbanks.
Venue: Rivers of the World
Dates: 17 Nov – 30 Dec 2018
Daily Timing: 10.15am (20 minutes)

Fearsome Feeds with River Creatures
Hear the tales of each river creature through our feeding sessions. Come face-to-face with these river-dwelling animals and be intrigued by the interesting facts about them.
Venue: Amazon Flooded Forest
Dates: 17 Nov – 30 Dec 2018*
Giant River Otters: 1.30pm (10 minutes)
Electric Eel: 2.15pm (10 minutes)
Red-bellied Piranha: 3.30pm (10 minutes)

Amazing Encounters Await
Get up-close with our river inhabitants at behind-the-scenes tours^. Learn more about our fearsome river creatures such as the Red-bellied Piranha and the Electric Eel from Amazing Amazonia.
Otherwise, sign up for Manatee Mania to meet and greet our adorable manatee family!
^Additional tour fees apply and pre-registration is required. Terms and conditions apply.
Venue: River Safari Visitor Services Counter
Daily Timings:
Manatee Mania: 9.30am (1 hour)
Amazing Amazonia: 1.30pm (1 hour)

Let’s Play River Games
Learn about our fearsome river creatures such as Tigerfish & Green Anaconda through exciting games. Have a fearsomely good time with us!
Venue: Giant Panda courtyard
Date: 17 Nov – 30 Dec 2018*
Time: 10am to 5pm

Meet our Manatee Mascot
Snap a picture with Canola, our lovable animal mascot!
Venue: River Safari Entrance
Date: 17 Nov – 30 Dec 2018*
Timing: 10am & 4.30pm



Event Information

River Safari: Tales of Fearsome River Creatures

Start date: 17/11/18 0:00
End date: 30/12/18 23:59

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