Ready Steady Go Kids: Multi-Sports Programme For Preschoolers – Learn 10 Sports With Benefits!

Ready Steady Go Kids: Multi-Sports Programme For Preschoolers
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Want your preschooler to engage in sports, but not sure which ones the little one will be more inclined towards? Worried that your child may not last through a term of doing the same activity over and over? Or just desperate to get the little homebody out of the house and running about? The multi-sports programme at Ready Steady Go Kids may just be your answer!

Multi-Sports Programme For Preschoolers

At Ready Steady Go Kids, children from 1.5 to six years old learn the fundamentals of 10 sports – ranging from soccer and tennis to the not-so-common T-ball and cricket – experiencing all of them within two terms!

The sports taught are rotated every two or three weeks, which is just enough time for basic concepts and motor patterns to be reinforced without the kids getting disinterested.

Children enjoy learning 10 different sports at Ready Steady Go Kids.
Children enjoy learning 10 different sports at Ready Steady Go Kids.

Premier Science-based Programme from Australia

Developed by a paediatric physiotherapist and occupational therapist, Ready Steady Go Kids is the largest and most reputable multi-sports programme for preschoolers in Australia. The programme was brought in to Singapore by Mr Chua Wee Lee in 2012.

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Learning the basics of sports at Ready Steady Go KidsReady Steady Go Kids aims to enhance children’s fine and gross motor skills, encourage their participation in sports, and prepare them for early school years.

“I wanted to find something meaningful for children as my children were preschoolers then,” said Mr Chua, The Chief at Ready Steady Go Kids Singapore.

“I realised my daughter, who was five at that time, could not catch a big ball thrown to her. Wondering why, I did some research and discovered that motor skills are something that have to be learnt – seems obvious but I don’t think many parents know this until they read about it or hear someone else say it.”

Pay-off Socially, Emotionally, and Mentally

It is not just about improving kids’ physical ability.

Developing a child’s motor skills also helps in coping with the demands of school, according to Kid Sense Child Development, the longest continually owned private provider of paediatric occupational therapy in Adelaide, South Australia.

Multi-sports programmes such as Ready Steady Go Kids encourage kids to acquire a range of motor skills. Such gross and fine motor manipulations are necessary for everyday functions, such as maintaining table-top posture, writing, and drawing, which directly impact on children’s academic learning.

Little ones acquire soft skills too through the Ready Steady Go Kids programme. Learning different sports together enables kids to practise teamwork and sportsmanship in different situations, and improves their ability to listen and concentrate.

Learning Basketball with Ready Steady Go Kids Singapore
Children don’t just learn a sport; they also learn how to listen, focus, and persevere.

A child who tries hard and achieves success in perfecting a sporting move will also feel a sense of achievement and develop greater confidence.

An Effective Learning Environment

To ensure more effective learning, Ready Steady Go Kids groups only 10 to 14 children in each class, maintaining a maximum instructor to student ratio of 1:7.

This means that the kids enjoy the best of both worlds: adequate individual attention from the instructors and the excitement of engaging in a lively group activity.

Ready Steady Go Kids’ instructors love working with children. They are also passionate in their belief that the love for sports and exercise should be inculcated from a young age.

Above: Instructors teaching little ones basic rugby moves with lots of encouragement.

Rain-proof Venues

We all know how disruptive it is when the kids’ classes are cancelled or postponed due to rain. At Ready Steady Go Kids, all classes are held at covered futsal pitches at Bukit Timah The Cage Sports Park and Kovan Sports Centre, so lessons can go ahead rain or shine!

Sheltered venues
Children learn at covered futsal pitches like this one at Kovan Sports Centre.

Book a Trial with Ready Steady Go Kids

To gauge your child’s interest in the programme, you can book a trial lesson with Ready Steady Go Kids! For more information, visit Ready Steady Go Kids Singapore website.

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