Rainbow Culinary

Rainbow Culinary Workshop
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Bond with your child and learn how to incorporate fresh herbs to create a healthy, tasty and attractive dish at our Rainbow Culinary workshop.

This workshop will include a guided tour of the medicinal plants in the Science Centre’s Ecogarden (weather permitting).

Participants are requested to bring their own water bottles, food containers and cutlery.

Ticket Price: $40 per pair (1 adult and 1 child aged 8 years and above)

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Admission charges to Science Centre applies for non-members.

To register, please visit  www.regonline.sg/bentowithfamilyJune2018

For any enquiries, kindly email Dr Savita Sharma at Savita_SHARMA@science.edu.sg


Event Information

Rainbow Culinary

Start date: 2/6/18 10:00
End date: 2/6/18 12:00

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