Punggol Park: Quiet Lakeside Getaway

Punggol Park
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With a quiet lake in the middle of the heartland, Punggol Park offers a simple place to rest your feet, fill your tummy, and clear your mind.

With lush trees etched against waterfront views, this 16-ha park in Hougang is a tranquil spot for the family enjoy time together, from cycling to waterfront dining.

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Punggol Park Lake

It’s like an oasis in the middle of a jungle of concrete. You could laze by Punggol Park’s lake all day, if Singapore wasn’t so hot.

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Punggol Park Lake

About the size of six football fields, the 5-ha lake defines Punggol Park.

There are two water promenades with benches to enjoy the view, and anglers are welcome to do a spot of fishing here, in the shade of the lush trees.

Promenade runs around the lake at Punggol Park

But the fishing usually happens from the evening onwards.

Wild Oats

Wild Oats bistro cafe has a prime spot right by the lake.

This cafe serves up “Mod Sin” food and drink, which means Modern Singaporean – traditional local dishes with a twist.

Wild Oats at Punggol Park

But the quality of the food here pales in comparison to sister restaurants Wild Rocket and Relish, also by Chef Willin Low.

While the food here is nothing to write home about, the lake view at the alfresco dining area makes the visit worthwile.

Lots of hearty grub, desserts (try the chendol) and drinks for the family; and craft beers, whiskies, and cocktails for the adults.

Lake at Punggol Park

But take note that the bistro opens only from 4pm onwards, till 12am. If you arrive any earlier, you’ll be disappointed.


You can rent bicycles at Punggol Park from a kiosk located at a corner of the park, close to Sungei Pinang.

GoCycling Bik Rental at Punggol Park

Some of the bikes are equipped with baby seats, so even those with little ones can enjoy a bit of a spin.

Located right beside Sungei Pinang, Punggol Park has a section of Serangoon Park Connector running through it.

SerangoonPCN, adjacent to Punggol Park

Family Fun

We spotted an inline skating class with zooming kids in the park by skate shop/school InlineX.

Skating around Punggol Park

The Punggol Park playground with a set of swings is located in the middle of the park. Something for the little ones.

Children's Playground at Punggol Park

A foot reflexology footpath awaits aching feet. Something for the elderly.

Reflexology path at Punggol Park

Benches, dotted all over Punggol Park – something for tired parents! A vending machine with drinks stands next to the public toilets.

Two large pavilions with many benches are a communal area for large groups, situated in the middle of Punggol Park.

Park Pavilion

Things To See

Can you find this?

A sculpture sign beckons you to search for Harmony Tower.

Find the Harmony Tower

And here it is, some distance away: A clock tower with a working clock.

The Harmony Tower at Punggol Park

See if you can spot these birds by the lake, as you sit in the shade of the trees. This helpful bird guide can teach the kids about what birds to look out for, and their characteristics.

Birds signboard

We reckon that this bench is the best spot to take in the view of the lake. It’s situated next to Wild Oats.

Bench facing the pond at Punggol Park

Note: The BBQ pits are closed.

Punggol Park

Location: Junction of Hougang Avenue 8 and 10
Nearest MRT station: Buangkok MRT or Hougang MRT

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