Pottery for Children – June Holidays Programme 2016

Pottery for Children - June Holidays Programme 2016
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Give your children experiences rather than gifts! Enrol your child and friends for a mind-relaxing and finger-fun workshop.  Realising their ability to create will boost their self-esteem beyond imagination!  It’s therapeutic, it’s creative and best of all, it’s a childhood experience that stays with them throughout their life!

Pottery Making enhances creativity, spatial intelligence and fine-motor skills development among children. It allows children to explore clay as a material. Children of all ages enjoy squishing, squelching, pinching, rolling, poking, stretching and pounding the clay. Some children find this particularly soothing and it can be useful for releasing tension or frustration.Clay making is a fun way to introduce 3-dimensional art to children of all ages.

Register at www.claycove.com.

Event Information

Pottery for Children – June Holidays Programme 2016

Start date: 14/5/16 0:00
End date: 26/6/16 23:59

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