Poinsettia Wishes 2021 At Gardens By The Bay: Sweet Nordic Treats & Traditions

Poinsettia Wishes 2021 at Gardens by the Bay
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Poinsettia Wishes 2021 is back at Gardens by the Bay’s Flower Dome from 26 Nov 2021 to 3 Jan 2022. This year’s floral display features sweet confectionery from the Nordic countries.

Displays Sweet Nordic Treats at Poinsettia Wishes 2021 At Gardens By The Bay

Poinsettia Wishes 2021 At Gardens By The Bay: Cupcake Ferris Wheel & Sweet Nordic Treats

Stepping inside the Flower Dome, visitors are greeted by a large display that showcases a mix of supersized gingerbread animals and a carriage fashioned out of a toffee apple.

The bright red carriage is so big that it even houses a Scandinavian gnome while two more man the front and rear of the vehicle.

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Cupcake Ferris Wheel & More

Cupcake Ferris Wheel & More

Down at the Flower Field, the centrepiece of Poinsettia Wishes 2021 is an eight-metre tall Ferris wheel. Look closely and you will see that instead of regular gondolas, there are 12 festively decorated cupcakes spinning round and round. Each of them have been topped off with “icing sugar” and everything nice and sweet.

The cupcake Ferris wheel stands in a field of red and white poinsettias. Around other festive plants like skimmias, violas and helleborus.

Also at the display are Marshmallow snowmen. They look cheerfully decorated with chocolate eyes, mouth and buttons, as well as a cute orange nose.

Poinsettia Wishes 2021

Wandering around the rest of the display at Poinsettia Wishes 2021, you will come across other supersized sweet confections such as traditional gingerbread men and women. There are also oversized cookies in the shape of animals.

Candy Cane

Striped candy canes and cookie Christmas trees add to the display, along with festive plants which bring an atmosphere of festivities to the display.

Around the edge of the Flower Field are luminerie light sculptures.


There’s a display with recipes should that visiting Poinsettia Wishes 2021 inspire you to whip up some confections of your own.

Festive Atmosphere

With Christmas music playing in the background, the Flower Dome is feeling suitable seasonal for the year-end period. We imagine that it will look even nicer in the evening once the lights are on.

Poinsettia Wishes 2021 is presented in conjunction with the Nordic embassies in Singapore.

Festive Atmosphere

As a bit of a pitch for Nordic brands, there is a display of the products and wares that come from those companies. Stop by that display to have a look at some brands that you may not have otherwise known were Nordic to begin with.

Poinsettia Wishes 2021 is now on at Gardens by the Bay’s Flower Dome. Admission charges apply.

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