PLAYtime! Grandpa Cherry Blossom

Shh Bang
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Shiro and Grandpa are the best of friends. However, Shiro is a special little dog with a magical secret that even Grandpa does not know about – Shiro can sniff out gold!

One day, Shiro surprises Grandpa with his secret. He leads Grandpa deep into the forest and straight to a pot of gold. But Grandpa’s greedy neighbour finds out about Shiro’s special gift and wants the  dog all to himself!

What will happen to Shiro? Will Grandpa find out about his neighbour’s wicked plan in time?

Recommended for children age 2-4.

Audience will be seated on the floor. Tickets are required for all (including infants-in-arm).

Ticket Price: $18

Package of 4: $64


Event Information

PLAYtime! Grandpa Cherry Blossom

Start date: 6/5/16 0:00
End date: 21/5/16 23:59

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