Play! at River Safari

Play! at River Safari
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The June holidays are in, and it is time to play!

Summon your spirit of adventure and make a trip to River Safari to discover how animals enjoy play time just like humans. Discover how our lovable manatees ask for belly rubs, witness the squirrel monkeys solving puzzle feeders to unlock delicious treats, and marvel at how Archerfish shoot down prey.

Enrichment devices keep our animals engaged, and guests can also try creating their own enrichment devices using recycled materials, and either bring them home for their own pets or pass them on to our living collection. Make fishy ice pops for our Giant River Otters too!

At the Kids’ Play Zone, kids can try balancing like a Red Panda, or identify scents as well as a Giant Panda. Make time to watch our ‘Once Upon A River’ animal presentation and make friends with our Hedgehog, Ball Python Snake and Bearded Dragon.



Event Information

Play! at River Safari

Start date: 1/6/19 0:00
End date: 30/6/19 23:59

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