Pesta Raya – Malay Festival of Arts: Walang Weh

BookFest@Singapore 2019
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Walang Weh is a storytelling performance by the musicians and vocalists of RENTA Collective. It follows the legend of Sri Betara Wira, told through selected poems by local poets, dikir barat music, and songs from Malay films made in the ’50s and ’60s.

As legend goes, Betara and his people were shipwrecked on the shores of Temasek. As the leader of his company, he ventures inland to find shelter and a place for the rest. He discovers that the land is not governed by anyone. Together with his people, he decides to take control of the island.

While travelling in the jungle in search of civilization, he chances upon a creature from afar with an amazing voice, and sets out to take a closer look. As he moves closer towards it, the creature disappears. And that’s how Singapura got its name.

Date: 14 & 15 July

Time: 1.30pm & 3.30pm

Duration: 30 min

Venue: Esplanade Concourse



Event Information

Pesta Raya – Malay Festival of Arts: Walang Weh

Start date: 14/7/18 13:30
End date: 15/7/18 16:00

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