Parents, Kids & Money

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Managing finances may be a daily struggle for many of us. As parents, we may not be able to teach our children about finance because we are not familiar with the money rules ourselves. Our children are also not taught about money management in school.

Many parents often invest in their children’s future by signing them up for tuition and enrichment programmes. But without the right money habitudes, children can also be in debt despite earning a high income when they grow up.

In this talk co-organised with Candid Creation Publishing, parents will be equipped with the right money skills, languages, and practical tools to teach their children about money, and how to incorporate money lessons into fun daily activities.

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About the Speaker
Ernest Tan is the author of Raising Financially Savvy Kids. He has over 19 years of experience as a Certified Financial Planner, Master Money Coach, and Money Trainer and Facilitator. His powerful and easy-to-use financial programmes have helped many people, regardless of their finanical situation, to acquire new money habits that empowered them to save, invest and eventually materialise their dreams.


Event Information

Parents, Kids & Money

Start date: 1/6/17 12:30
End date: 1/6/17 13:30

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