Parents for Parents: Family Resilience Workshop Series

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As part of PARENTS for PARENTS, a community initiative to empower caregivers of children with special needs and progress the conversation on inclusion, the Lien Foundation presents a series of 3 workshops for families with children with special needs run by Mark and Sue Lim of The Social Factor.

Our goals:
– Help participants build resilience for their parenting journey
– Introduce the idea of self advocacy for children with special needs
– Equip participants with skills to enable their children to socialise better and improve socio emotional development

WORKSHOP 01: More than a Label: Building a Child’s Self Esteem
5/10 (Sat) 10am – 12pm
Short, fat, pretty, autistic – Labels are part of our identity, but how can we shape our children to define their worth beyond a label? This workshop discusses issues of self-esteem and how parents impact what a child with special needs can achieve. It will also share on parenting styles that positively develop a child’s self-worth.

WORKSHOP 02: From Tweens to Teens: Preparing for Puberty
19/10 (Sat) 10am – 12pm
Growing up is hard – and sometimes doubly difficult for parents and caregivers. How can parents help their children as they hit puberty and balance between providing them a space to explore and keeping them safe? This workshop addresses the psychosocial development of teens and issues commonly associated with puberty.

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WORKSHOP 03: Spouses & Siblings: Strengthening the Family
9/11 (Sat) 10am – 12pm
Parenting a child with special needs often requires the attention of the entire family. How can caregivers balance other familial relationships with their spouse and the child’s siblings? This workshop will discuss the importance of relationship management and practical ways to strengthen the bonds between a couple and their children.

– All workshops are free of charge and limited to 30 pax; max 2 adults per family. If signups are full, you’ll be placed on a waitlist.
– Sessions are held at Seeds Cafe (at Rainbow Centre); 501 Margaret Drive S149306 on 5/10, 19/10 and 5/11 (Sat mornings 10am-12pm)
– Non-profit inclusive arts movement Superhero Me will run art programmes for children of parent participants during the same time at $10 per child ($10 goes to cover snacks, programme by professional artists; pay at the door.)
– A captain from Superhero Me will follow up to confirm your slot upon sign up
– Please inform us if you cannot turn up so places can go to another family


Event Information

Parents for Parents: Family Resilience Workshop Series

Start date: 5/10/19 10:00
End date: 9/11/19 12:00

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